Monday, December 21, 2009

Way to survive in Online Social Network.

hey U'OLSS ! *babi x intro aku

hey dah berzaman,berganti zaman ak xupdate blog.Dari zaman mude remaje,smpai lah zaman dewase *habes SPM.
well,I gonna to talk * I mean TYPING duhh =.= about , Online Social Network.
like, Facebook.
eyh! jap! Myspace should come first!
Myspace and Facebook.
ok i dont give a crap about the other ! ak rse yg ni je rite yg GAH rite! weewit! :D
this is the WAY to survive and not getting people annoyed at u
my way i guess? HAHA

Please Used its original spelling people!

HAHA ! is that sound stupid or what?
OMG.u'll blind reading those words in like 2 sec ok beb! duhh =.=

Dont try to sound CUTE !

"beb,u dah MAM?
"bezfwen foo eba"
OMG ! is that cute or what?

Dont fancy-up ur name !

are-mer ?
what exactly u guys trying to do here?? make ur name even more LONGER or sound nicer or mayb to tangle our tongue? lol XD

ADD then TALK !

i mean talk,talk!
not like
"thnks coz apprv,DO COMMENT MY PIC"
OMG ! cant u be any annoying?
and dont answer back in one word.
"how are u ? " answer : "fine"
duhh =.=

Dont upload same photo but with different posses.

what? duh! its like a TOTALLY DONT ok!
what were u thinking?
try to show people a different ANGLE of urs?
duhhhh =.=

Dont lie about ur sexual orientation

its say

Orientation : straight
but surprisingly ,u not !!
why dont u just hide that section ok! weeeee

ok thats it!
i think that could be it.
hey! if korang2 ade lagi cadangan yg best,
let me know ok !
I realy realy open for wealth of idea,oppinion
and comment as well!

ok tamat,


Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'am a high school graduate! yay !

yay yay ! I graduate already !
No more school uniform people!HAHA but,surely i'll miss school so much lahh!

SPM classes of 2009 !
we rawk rite!!
ok tamat,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Good Friends Go Bad....

2009 ! the year of hectic drama !!
How on earth a good friends can turn into a monster??
eyh its not "a" its a BUNCHHH Iam talking about!
Plastic BITCH !!

yeah PLASTIC BITCH suit u guys owh-so-well ! HAHA

why is this happen? We are on our SENIOR YEAR.
we should be together,getting closer !
appreciate the time we had together
not like this ! arghhh!
is this how u want to remember ur senior year?
The final year as a school student.
after all this year we build the friendship
THen,its simply been torn because of JEALOUS ?
whats a big deal when she gorgeous more than u are?
are u F kiding me ???

why now there is such thing like "the ACCOUNT CLAN" and "the SCIENCE CLAN"
erghh ? why? why?
before this we happy as one !
Now? why there must be this SO CALLED clan?
I hope u happy with yours lahhh.
I know our science clan much COOLER than urs ! bwekkk!!! :P
*even people from ur clan come joining ours okk! so?? thats mean u guys are DULL and pathetic!

one last big question......
When ur good friends go bad,
Can you forgive and forget?
ok tamat,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kisah makan dalam.

si bodoh ; eyh jom kuar.
si "pandai" : xmo laa,malas.xde mood.lagi pon nk pegi raye.
si bodoh : huyeh ? huyeh? its okk..

hari berkeluar.

si bodoh : jom keluar.
si "pandai" : malas.
si bodoh : okk.

waktu dan ketike xtau aku !

si okey : dkt mane?
si "pandai" : dkt rumah.
si okey : Jom keluar.Ak kt KL ni,teringin jumpe kaw.
si "pandai" : Jom.

3minet later.

telefon berVibrate.

Si "pandai" : Jom jumpe.
Si Bodoh ; erkkkkk???? oklah jom.

ak tersengeh sorang2,pikirkan "kelakar lahh kaw ni si pandai."
cepat betol kaw jadi rajin.

kelakar kan?
yerlaa keluar dgn si okey kan bes
dgn ak kan xbes
ak kan dull.
*ak makan dalam je.
so xpyh risau,ak xmakan luar,and perasan makan memakan tuh xkn kaw nmpk.
sbb kaw sebok nk nmpk org laen.
: )

ok tamat,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuah si name ! HAHA

"eyh azmer,exam start pkl berape"
ak terkejot,dier kenal dan tahu name ak.
padahal,dier bukan dan xpernah mengajar ak selame 5 tahon di sekolah menengah.

is it true what people say,
when discipline teacher know ur name,
that u were a bad ass !

and and,
I found it realy intrsting when the teacher start to calling me JIME instead of Azmer.
its not just the teacher,
si penolong kanan Hem,and also si pen.kanan koko
call me with jime!
cool righ? HAHAHHAA
and the next thing I kno when they ask for Azmer, it will be like WHOO??

but its true, si ckgu disiplin know my name!
I was like shock to death ! Mayb its not a big deal lah dier igt name but,
enth, I found its realy cool
so by that I know lahh people talking about me

*jgn panah petir ak ! ak tau statemnt ak sgt mengundang !

p/s ; lalat, i know u tgh ketip bibir nmpk ayat panah petir tuh! HAHAHA

ok tamat,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Examination SLUT !!!

Ok just finish my trial..
then happy lahh kan . I mean like HEY TRIAL DH HABES !
Dh fikir2 about raye,nk shopping raye,nk start ponteng sekolah.
but then.
ade plak exam GERAK GEMPUR!
apekah? apekah?

its like our second trial !! GOSHH!!
Susah mcm nk gilee !! I'll die trying to answer the paper !
perlu ke gerak2 ni sume? xpyh laa ! bru je habis exam! LEBAM SIAL !
SPM cepat lahh habes ! cepat lahh ! cepat lahhhh!!

*btw exited about our Graduation Party! weewiitt !

ok tamat.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why i'm not wearing TOPMAN like the others do? : )

ak nk bitchy about this thing yg ala2 menjadi kegilaan and A-MUST for para adolescence
si penghuni KL lahh main point ak sebenarnye.Its not like ak nk judge people or make myself look good or what.Once again ini just pendapat ak si budak 17 tahon.If xsuke dgn kritikan dan pendapat ak,just drop ur comment. : )
lets start yaww !

yeahh ! baju2 dier serious ak mengaku stylish and updated lah kan kegilaan para remaje and si young adult sekalian Malaysia mayb dunie.
tp kenape bile ak masok kedai si TOPMAN ak xbernafsu bagai nk membeli even sehelai pon.
ak just bernafsu beli si basic T ituh shj !
Mungkin kerane ak xmau memakai baju yg mungkin serupe dgn 100 lelaki yg laen,
dan peratos untk ak terserempak dgn org yg memakai baju yg same,pada waktu yg same sgtlah besar iaitu 79% .
kerane ak sendiri mengire baju2 TOPMAN yg disarong dibadan para remaje hotstuff sekalian
and believe me korang,average ak akan nmpk 10 helai pakaian yg same dipakai oleh org yg berbeze.! : )
and its from TOPMAN
weewiit !
jadi perlu ke ak menambah bilangan tuh? tak rite? so ak xmembeli baju2 si TOPMAN..
unless !!keluar limited edition or ape2 yg terhad lah! HAHA.
and xperlu bagi tau satu dunie jike kamu membeli sehelai Tshirt dari si TOPMAN.
kerane,ak rse ia xperlu. : )
maaf.jike ade yg terase
maaf jike ak kelihatan sgt bajet
maaf jike ap ak ckp xbetol
bukan belagak memilih..
bukan belagak dari pelbagai sudut.
hanye pendapat ak, ttg KETAGIHAN TOPMAN ini .
tp for those yg pandai pilih,it will look good and nmpk sgr rare !
I do adore people who pull their TOPMAN together and look so damn good
: )

its just pendapat,

ok tamat,



Saturday, August 29, 2009


Its already started.
The humiliation and sarcasms!!
The weasel have blown.
In order to bring others down you and your friend need to "that" to share the joy of laughter
there the beauty of friendship can be seen.
You guys attact me on my weekest point.
On my lowest confident level.
Thing that just barely bring my face down.
Bring my confident to zero.
I know by doing that,
You guys look OH-SO-GOOD.
But,believe me God,
They dont even dare to spit out those "spell" if they were alone.
They brave in crowd
Their testicles pop up when they have back up
They become a man when they got people.
I'll make cool about it
I'll be matured.More matured than You are the bunch of crap
The Oh-So-Good-Looking people. ( so nott)
You guys got the pride that higher than klcc so by that you guys just simply neglected mine huh?
How dare you ! how dare you!!
If u the PSYCHO LOOSER still want to cast those spells around,
I dont mind,
Because I grow up.
Its not primary school anymore for godsake!
Iam 17, You are 17.
I act like one, but u act like 7 years old kiddo !

I will smile at You,
I will Waving at You,
I will say Hye to You
I will Shake your hand.
I know its the only way to end this.
be nice
even though we be treated vice versa ! : )

Ok tamat,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monologue Dalaman Luaran.

"dh la mkn time jln tdi,semua ckgu nmpk.Buat malu je !! " katenye
"Songkok mane?knp lengan baju x button?" katenye
"Esk pakai baju putih" katenye

"ok,just roti je dlm mulot tgh nk habiskn time otw msk tapak perhimpunan " kataku
"songkok hilang dalam kelas,button baju patah " kataku
"hurmm,next week dh resign pon" kataku

makan time jalan sambil menuju ke tapak perhimpunan "memamg" bersamaan dgn berjalan smbil melompat2 riang dh ketawa berdekah dekah.Itu pandangan mereke.Ia juga sesuate yg kurang ajar dan bakal memalukan seantero pengawas sekolah.Songkok juge merupekan aset "terpenting" bagi seorang pengawas disekolah ak,ianya kerana tnpa songkok anda dianggap seorng muslim yg tidak sejati serta menampakkan ciri2 keimanan yg tidak solid ,almaklom sekolah ak aliran ARAB =.= dn yg penting anda dilabel si pelangar disiplin terhandal !
Melipat lengan baju juga adalah ditegah same sekali kerana ianya merupakan one of the FASHION CRIME ! duhh =.=
ini adelah kerana mereke percaye bahawa Malaysia dn SMK SERI KERAMAT ituh tidak panas dn suhunye dibawah 20 degree dan demi menjage suhu badan supaya tidak "kesejukan", baju hendaklah sentiase di buttonkn.......

ok tamat;

Monday, July 27, 2009


Stop pretending! Stop this imaginary thingy!Stop it.STOP IT ! I cant handle the truth that I saw,the plain lies u told.You declair with condition,thats maybe why you said that,
thats maybe why you dont feel me and I dont feel you.
Believe me,just by reading, your heart,emotion and love can be tear up like a piece of paper? yeah! It does tear up mine.! Its realy "enjoyable" thing for me to read up your comment and saw the truth.its realy an eye opening.
Maybe friendship suit us well, even I think vice versa. ! I kno this will coming ever since that 10/07/09 thing happen. : )
mayb its not you,
its me,the issue that I'm facing wayyyy much "dramatic" than yours.
Its the self esteem issue. : )
auh. there is no point for me to shout out my emotion here.
I cant even dare asking for your explaination. because Truth Hurt..
dont tell people that you are single eventho you are not,
that is sooo not cool ok !
ok tamat,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Discipline CRAP !

long time i guess xupdate.
only update if got isu2 bes!
now i do have one !
its all about DISCIPLINE !
ok this entry will be like 10 foot long !

whats up with all this school discipline?
perlu ke? yeah ! on certain thing it is !
tp about appearance xpyh lah kan !
kepoh2 pehal? its our thing ! our right as a human being for GOD SAKE!
kaw bajet sekolah tentere ke?

smpai kuku sume nk check? apekah? mmg ak nk serang org dgn kuku ak tuh!
duhh! =.=
ok,time ak tgh prepare2 nk exam
tibe2 rmbot ak dicantas2 tnpa rse bersalahnye
terkejot,terkedu.termenong,bekace2 mate.
ak tgk rmbot ak jatoh ke bahu.lantai.terbang trosss.
yes ! i do admit salah ak rmbot ak SO CALLED panjang ! its not panjang actly, lebat lahh !
can u bg warning dulu? sedar x action kaw tuh salah? amek tindakan without warning?
bkn ke PERATURAN yg kaw ikot2 tuh kate warning then tindakan?
then why without warning kaw cantas rmbot ak bagai nk bwat ukiran pokok,tnpa berkate2 kt ak terlebih dahulu?
Now i look like someone yg baru habes PLKN !! the rambot so pendek smpai ak xboleh nk cengkam and i swear i can see my scalp
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! T.T
but ak tau, still ak salah : )
just dont like the way u act about it
thats all.
and i kno Cikgu u are the coolest teacher ever ! : )

si cikgu BM bish bahana bajet kaw garang segale.!! ( so not )
auh ak xphm dgn lelaki sorang ni ! he bish ok ! duhh ! =.=
first of all ak dgn si rakan2 yg laen know he dont like us !
sbb bile org laen tnye he will layan u like elok2
but if one of us tnye or do something he will make a big deal about it!
like tinggikan suare dier yg wahhh lunakNYA !! and with all his sarcasm !
bajet comel ke kaw dgn seluar seketat ituh? kaw rse sexy kot ! : )
its not just that
its my PHONE yg kaw rampas ok !!
1st kaw igt tuh phone kwn ak
then ak dgn berani lagi gagah pg admit that is mine !
and kaw tau x
sbb kaw rmpas phone ak
ak tros lupe sume bnde yg ak hafal for chemistry test
ak xboleh buat,otak ak block ! ak jd blank,blur and loose focus !
ak xjwp chem ak,
ak ltk ketas soalan and jwpn bwh meje.
ini sume salah kaw ! salah kaw ! salah kaw !
salah ak siket je! yes ak suke menunding jari !
so what? so do u dude!
and kaw keluarkan lahh point
ak pngws berjaye lah dude !bweekk ! :P
and point .
ok point ituh bagai bodoh !
hey! perlu ke nk amek thing as personal? i mean be professional lah!
xpyh take it as personal ! mengajar je lah ! yg kaw nk emosi2 lebih pehal?
nk touching2 lebih pehal? hormon kaw tuh always xbalance ! nk meradang je keje kaw bukan?
ktorang be nice as we can kt kaw ! tp kaw? xhabis nk bitchy dgn ktorang yerla kaw arn CIKGU!
kaw boleh buat,cakap ape yg kaw suke
smpai kaw sanggup malukan kwn ak dgn membace sekuat2 post dier untk majalah sekolah
and katenye its perli sekolah? gosh u psycho close minded person !! otak kaw seketat seluar kaw! seriously beb ! : )
so why cant we do it the same towards u?
be as bitchy as u
prnh dgr xungkapan "we be treated the way we treat people"
so think about it dude !!

i kno there is stalker in our blog,
i mean the student of SMK SERI KERAMAT blog,
most of the time OUR BLOG !
the senior blog !
i know u guys are lame!
wannabe as cool as we are!
ok,statement ak melampau
because if u ever wrote about ur teachers or school
it soon will be kepoh satu staff room,
owh i still cant get over the 2006 case
when the ustaz berceramah dgt ak dgn lala about our blog !
gosh ! stupid u ! : )
it will be a topic kt asssembly court.

i mean the cikgu lahh akan ckp kt situh,nasihat2 segale
and nothing much worst if smpai msk office because what u wrote in ur own blog !
its stupid because its our life luar pagar sekolah !

get ur own blog and write about us arhh if xpuas hati ! duhhh! =.=
stop making us even more FAMOUS lahh !
we had enough fame meyh !
weeeeeeeeeeeee ~

ok tamat.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mak kaw tak reti jaga laki !

ok jgn marah,
ak just nk gile perhatian kt sini
of course(intonasi laura) mak korang reti jage laki meyh !
ok merapu disituh.
nnti aku update elok2 oke!
kesian fans ak yg berjuta2 nih tgu
(pengaruh azwan hj ali )

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update !

impian DSLR punah,
mungkin kemudian hari : )
aku oke shj .
mungkin benar, ak tidak betol2 perlu DSLR ituh
jadi, handphone baru serete jam ituh jd kewajipan ok si ibu?

result si mid term amat amat terok.
well, dasar slut lah aku.
kerana failed dgn sebegith banyak sekali
seperti kate kawan2 ak "mcm lah xbiase"

Now ak rse hidop lebih bahagie !
ngeeeeeeee ~ : D

dgn kawan2 yg well, sudah kembali seperti normal
auh lupe ! kawan2 "realiti" ok !
bkn si kawan cyber,
kawan cyber masih ramai yg CRAPY BYOTCH.
hell sahje pade mereke . : )

YES ! ak percaye money can make people even more closer
ngeee ! : )


ak tidak tersenarai sebagai salah seorang pelatih KHIDMAT NEGARA.
sedih je. ! : (

ak tipu
ak lege actly ! HAHA
well, dorang dorang kate ianya sgtlah best.
mungkin benar kata mereke.
ak juge mungkin berkate bgituh jike ak mnjdi si PELATIH laa
tp ak xpg
jd ak lege dn bahagie krn ak xperlu "tan" kulit ak disane!
tidk perlu botak disane
simpati ak terhadap rakan2 ak disekolah yg terpakse pergi
riaksi mereke ketike mndpt SMS balasan dr plkn amat mngerikan!
ade yg jerit

ad yg sudah2 membelai2 rambut.
ad yg sudah dipaksa berPACKING oleh ak

tp xpe,
ak sure mereke akan enjoy disane! : )
once in lifetime ok !

and ak mungkin bukan si LALA halim dimane entry beliau sarat dgn kata2.
jdi ak berhenti di sini shj.
ak sekadar mahu mengUpdate meyh

ok tamat,

Friday, June 26, 2009

The death of M.Jackson

he suffered cardiac arrest in his home.
ok ! u guys might say "What the heck is cardiac arrest".
luckly I do take biology for my SPM
: )
Cardiac arrest is an abnormal heart rhythm that stops the heart from pumping blood to the body.
It can occur after a heart attack or be caused by other heart problems
so ! I think he hve that heart problem .
he died at the age of 50.
he such a talented person
a fantastic performer
and also a a uniter of black and white music
who shattered the race barrier on MTV
dominated the charts and dazzled even more on stage.
he also selling more than 61 million albums in the U.S.!
US only ok! not world wide
there is saying that he is actualy a muslim
I'm glad hearing that !
and there also saying that this is his first year
pity him, he didnt get the chance to celebrate the fasting month .
look at the bright sights,
he got the "hidayah ALLAH" .
so by that he become a muslim
and Allah love him more than we do
sure Allah got a better place for him.
condolence to the Jackson's family.
and to all the muslim
Al-fatihah to the late Mikail.
may he rest in peace and his soul is blessed by Allah SWT.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Craving for DSLR !!!

OMG! i do need one !! please mama ! i want one !!
ok ! its not just for FUN for god sake !
its my passion ok ! my passion !!

u kno how much i love taking photo rite
and u baru je dpt "duit tanah" rite?
hello! its more than 30k laahhh
i xmintak bende laenn
just this Camera !
which is not gonna cost u more than 3k laahh !
pleasee ! pleasee ! please ! please ! please !!
nk satu !!!!
xmntk bende laenn lahh mama !

dont say this to me " arghhh ! mahal arhh! membazir ! jgn harap lahh "
goshh !!!
then i will cry for the rest of the month !
please ok ma?? i want one!
i'm BEGGING u !!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

YES! truth hurt SYG !!

1st ! syg tuh ditujukan secare umum
tidak ak point jari kt sape
jdi spekulasi spekulasi demi menghanjeng ak
tidak diterime same sekali
: )
yeah! truth does hurt sometime
ni padangan ak,
ak merasekan the "truth teller" hurt the most !
byk bnde yg harus difikirkan oleh si "teller"..
ak dh benci dan meluat
apabile ak dipakse ok ! dipakse ! dipakse!
*diulang 3x bg menunjukan emosi yg jelas
untk mnjdi si "truth teller"
dialog manis :
" alahh tell me the truth."
"i need u to be honest with me "
"i xkesah lahhh, aslkn u baek, blaah blaaah blaaa

*ok dialog sgt lame. ! bodoh !

bile ak mnjadi si lidah benar..
mereke menafikan kebenaran yg lidah ak tuturkan.
"eyh! tipu laa"
"i tau u xmcm tuh"

*at this point ak akan sentiase menyirap! dont kno why laa ! : )

ok ! kau xboleh terime kebenaran yg kaw mintak dr ak.
yg ak bagi,
yg ak cmpak
yg ak WELL, xrele pon !
tp kaw?
kaw? kaw? DENY ! DENY ! DENY
DENY all the truth yg ak bg !
ak cukop jujor ok bg tau sblm ape2 perbutaan terlarang terjadi
*owh so gay !

kaw jelas jelas sekali xdpt terime knyataan
xdpt terime realiti
*kaw igt ak seCANTEKKKK seHOTTTTTT seMELEPAKKKK gmbar ms ke huh?
ok sebelom ni , blm sempat ak bukak mate.
ringtone "live ur life" dh memekak satu bilek
memakse ak untk bgn dr tdo,mandi,mkn and all CRAP that related.
begituh juge sbmlm kaw dn ak tido.
brckp serte memesan bende2 yg CRAPP !!
yg adoooo
*kate2 hikmat azwan ali
kaw lari ! jaohhhh
sejaoh kaw berade sekarang
kaw berpure2 disebalek SMS plastik.
arini ak xdgr kabar dari kaw
itu tande kaw dh mati .
*yes!mulot ak mmg gampang ! : )

okk fine ! ak dh biase dgn org yg tidak boleh menerime kebenaran

kaw hnye nk hidop berdasarkn ap yg kaw mahu seseorang ituh jdi;



HELLO ! pegi mati boleh x?
ak saket hati !!

ok tamat;


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fight Fight !

sape2 yg agak ikot blog ak,
akan tau, ak agak ade isu dgn abg sulong !
ok, ak akan menaip segale dialog yg ak igt tentang pergaduhan bodoh si adek beradik
well, ak xbodoh ttg pergaduhan ni,
tp ak rse org yg ak gadoh ituh yg bodoh, ! : )
ak xmahu sebot name abg ak
well, ak akan gune name abg A dn abg B .

jime ; abg A,basoh la cawan kaw tuh ,
abg B, basoh lahhh mangkok kaw tuh

abg A ; ( snyap bace paper , tiade respond )

abg B ; Bile mase ak makan?

okk, time ni ak dh mnyirapp bagai nk gile.kaw dh mencekek kaw x mngaku ! BODOH !

jime ; laahhh, yg tdi kaw mkn apam balek ltk dlm bowl tuh mnde? igt ak xnmpk

abg B ; yang kaw ckp mcm gangster ni knp?

jime ; Bkn masalahnye gangster ke ap, tp korang masing2 dh makan dh minom sume tgl je
kt dapo tuh, nnti sape nk basoh? abah dgn mak jugak kan?

abg B ; abestuh? kaw xbole ckp elok2

ketike ini, ak rse mcm HEY! kaw nk suro ak ckp "syg syg, pg basoh pngan heh syg? " duhh !

jime ; ak ckp elok2 pon xgune! korang kalaw ak ckp elok2 bkn korang buat ! ni ak dh ckp mcm
ni kaw pegi buat lahh! bukan sekali korang buat mcm ni ! dh byk kali ok !!

abg B ; baek kaw diam sebelom kaki ak naek kt kepale kaw

jime ; .........

OK! ak mempunyai sorang abg yg mcm cilake,selfish ! abg B lahh !
dier b4 this xprnh kene tego dgn ap yg die buat
then tibe2 si adek bongsu dier tego
so kirenye agak KEJUTAN BUDAYE lah.
Ok, rite now ak just ade 4 org adek beradik.
kaw, ! dah terkeluar dr list ak ! !
xprnh anggp kaw as abg ak !
dr dulu lg ! since perangai kaw yg mcm tuh
ok tamat ;

Friday, June 5, 2009

Terbiase tanpa sengaje. : )

Ak tau.
ak selalu mngikis harta family
meminte benda yg bukan bukan.

Ak yg si :

  • High maintenance,
  • Shopping for labels,

Ak sedar and ak tau ttg hakikat sadis tuh !
well, bkn nk belagak mahupon mahu meninggi hidong
tp mcm tuh lahh ak dibesarkan,
sudah biase badan ak dipakaikan dgn barang2 yg bagus kualitinye.
setiap inci tubuh badan ak sudah biase dgn barangan yg "namenye"sedap telinge mendengar dn cemburu mate melihat. ! XD
bkn tidak pandang barangan yg tidak berjename,
tp enth.selera ak tidak kesitu.
YES ! ak tau ak "bajet"
ak sudah terbiase,
terbiase tanpa disengajekan.
jd jgn jeling melihat seorang pelajar sekolah menengah kerajaan dgn "all those brand"
jgn merpetikaikan keTulinan barang itu semua
kerana ianya jelas menonjolkan diri kamu yg sentiase tidak puas hati terhadap org laen.
tidak perlu melontarkan persoalan bodoh seperti
"ori ke qsilver kaw? "
dn tidak perlulahh ak memalukan kaw dgn jawapan
"Ori lahh, ak ade simpan resit. maw tgk ke? "
serious,x enjoy buat bgitu.
ak si shopping for labels

ianye kerana semua itu tidak disengajekan dn sudah menjadi lumrah hidop ak sebegitu kalian kalian : )
ak sedar, ak menggali selagi ade duet family untk mdptkan semua itu ;
I'll pay back as soon i get a job, it is not just "a job"
it is gonna to be a Bankable job!
ak akan smbong belajar setinggi dn semampu ak
ak hendak bg kemewah kpd family ak,
kpd bakal waris ak
hasil gabungan ovum+sperm
that is my promise..

ok tamat;

Monday, June 1, 2009

The one with ;

The one with : Mid Term Examination
yeppie ! Mid Term dh habes ! so menarik nafas lege skjp ! but well,trial just around the block arh ! tp ade ak kesah? CAK CAK CAK ! haha !
paper yg ak jwp sume mcm MEMBAWE kpd gred E,F shj, ak dpt merasekann byk yg terlolos msk longkang,gaung dan sume yg berkait !
sume bukan salah soalan yg susah ituh , tp sume salah ak si pemalas nk study ! weeeeee~ XD
nnti ade SMK.Seri Keramat open days. xmo arh jmput si mak abah , bwat malu jepp ! nnti ak ckp kt dorang yg report card ak terbakar ! HAHA .

The one with : All the kelas tambahan
yay semester break!! sekarang ak bole senyum selebar lebarnye memikirkan ttg aktiviti mengangkang yg ak dh plan serte aktiviti bgon oh-selagi-x-pukul-12 ituh . ! Tapi, "berite gembire" muncul . 1st whole week , kelas tmbhn dkt sekolah 2nd whole week tuisyen. GOSH ! but, dorang kate its good for me ! alahhh katenye its gonna to be my last kelas tambaan lahh , lepas ni xde ! and bloody yeah its true ! so ak dgn hati yg terbuke sudi lahh dtg ! sure sure melelehhhhh otakk ak belajar bagai nk rak ! HAHAHA

The one with : Novel addiction
ok ! ak skang xtau knp ketagih si novel ! actly since sekolah rendah ak ketagih novel ni ! got to mention bukan si novel cinte tangkap leleh ok and ak xbace novel BM sbb ak jadi xphm dgn bahase2 puitis sanskrit yg digunekan ! no offence ppl ! no offence ! bkn nk kate ak belagak bace novel english jep , but frankly speakin . ak lebih phm bahase die ! and bahase dier much simple and nt complicated lahh! yeah yeah!
btw, back to our topic. ak dh bwat shopping list for all the novel yg ak nk beli just tgh tgu approval serte cop mohor bg meluluskan bajet belanjawan novel tahunan from my so called BANK which is the parents and the sista BANK !! HAHAHA .! lets cross our fingger bersame !! BTW, u guys should read " The Secret Blog Of Raisin Rodriguez" ! Thanks to sara for the novel ! weehuuu ! sape2 yg ade blog seharusnye bace that novel ! realy2 nice lah ! heehehe

The one with : Malaysia Certificate of Education
well, i not longger call it SPM bcoz its sound sooo UNcool , ( bacaan "soooo" tuh 5 harkat ok? ) XD !
so MCE lahh ! HAHA . persedian mnghadap SPM tuh belom ade lg ! hehe ! xsedar diri lg nih. hope lepas cuti ni tersedar lah ak yer ! weehuuuu ! Ugutan ugutan mak ak mnjadi pndorong utama doh " kalaw xpast siap lahh "
serte . "pg tuisyen bagai nk rak sane sini, tp kalaw xscore xtau lahh "
wuuuuu ~ pembakar smngt or pembakar perasaan jep ? HAHAHA ! both lahh ! XD

ok tamat ;

Monday, May 11, 2009

Peperiksaan si mid term .

Mid Term babeyh ! Mid term.!!!
27 paper ! 27 paper babeyh !!
adoi !!!
do pray for me ok !
i'll work my ass out for this exam..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Toilet Si Pavi ; must read ok !

Thing must do when u at Pavilion .
Go to the toilet meyh!
Its has the World Famous Mirror ! HAHA
Believe me ! its a must to take a reflection photo people !! HAHA >.<
ok ok !
its not the mirror i want to talk about ,

ok ok ! the story start like this,
i went into the toilet and saw this guy pee at the urinal
and i was like ok thats normal,
then i went into the toilet cubicle and do my thing ! HAHAA
when i came out , he still there .
i think mayb he drink alot !!
so i just wash my hand and look at the mirror
then I become curious what the heck he do by moving his hand like that
WALLAAAHHH !!! I swear to god i saw that guy WANKING !!!!!!
and bloody yeah I did saw the DICK !!!
goshhh !!! I think i went blind like 10 sec!!
and and yeaah he is a MALAY !!
then, suddenly he walk towards the sink and wash his leftover SPERM on his hand.
and I did watch because its like WHAAATTT????
GOSHH! u ewwwww me lahhhh!
go into Cubicle lahh BODOHH !!
public wanking? realyy??? daaa!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review ; Passengers

Hathaway is assigned by her mentor to counsel the flight's five survivors.
Then the survivors begin to disappear mysteriously, one by one.
Thats it ! Thats it !!
That what this movie is all about !!
This so called Thriller movie turn Romanticly and I was like WHAAT??????
Its start owh so boringly then turn to be such a tears dropping,Heart pounding and Wow ending!
and u'll see that 15 mins before the movie ends !!! HOW WAS THAT !!!
goshh !!

dont watch this movie unless if u realy wanted too
btw, it have such a great ending yaww !!
unexpected one! : )
honestly, i watch it HELLO! obviously because Anne Hathway

Friday, April 24, 2009


i hve no idea what the heck i've learn so far !
wave? electricity? WTF !!!!
i cant even answer a simple question
how stupid !!

mayb bcoz of the CURSE that my physic teacher hve put on me
"sye xkn berkat ilmu sye kt awk"

"xbole pegi jaoh,harap english je"
i know i'm bad though ! laugh alot,talk much
but why on earth u want to put such a curse on my physic life?
i took 11 subj for my SPM
and physic is like at the bottom among the others!
and i failed on my march test for physic !

i guess the curse work owh so brilliantly !!!!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I Know I'm Amature In It.
Copyright Reserved yaw ! : )

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Movie Review ; Slumdog Millionaire

What a great movie ! bes bes ! i love it ! this movie kinda unique ! : )
ak tgk kt DVD je ! HEHE >.<
ok ok meyh ak cite abit about this movie !

cite dier psl life Jamal Malik .
ok this guy msk tv show contest "who want to be a millionaire"
and dier dpt jwp soalan smpai 10mil rupee !
and and host tv tuh x pwas hati dgn dier then he make the police to arrest Jamal dgn alasan dier menipu !
well who will expect a uneducated slumdog reaching 10mill question?
even lawyer ,doc sume just smpi 7mill je!
then time polis start to soal siasat this jamal
perghh ! i love this part !
plot disusun dgn bgituh besnyee! ttg susah hidop jamal and and kaitan hidop dier dgn jwpn yg dier bg !!
how cool is that!! : )
( xmo cite psl plot dier,u hve to watch it by ur own )
and about his love towards kartika!
bes ! i can feel the love ! : )

mcm mne si jamal ni beriyer nk cari si kartika trpisah time kecik2.
and cabaran2 dier lah
ade unsur2 gangster abit when abg jamal , salim involve in some gang .
and make kartika married with the boss ..
the ending agak bes !
when the abg kinda korbankn diri demi his brother love!
awwwww! realy touching !! : )

the soundtrack is realy realy good !
ade lgu from M.I.A
amazing !!!
ni bkn mcm typical hindi film with alot of singing,dancing dialog berbunge2
infact xder pn joget2 in this mvie : )

this is totally must watch movie of the year ! : )

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mari ! Mari ! bace cerite ! : )

cerite ni dh lame ak nk ceritekan
tp ak x cerite2 lagi
sbb segan ! HAHAHAH
tp skang ak nk cerite gak ! : )

sedang ak brjln menuju ke putra LRT masjid jamek,
ak nmpk seorang lelaki mcm berkate sesuatu dkt ak,
tp ak xdpt menangkap kate2 laki ituh ,
ak berheti berjalan dn berkate "ha?" dgn muke tande tanye
ak tak tau knp ak berhenti dari berjalan,
mungkin perasaan ingin tahu melompat2,
laki ituh mn jwp "muke kaw comel" !
ak terdiam agak 10saat shj >.<
rse mcm berhenti bernafas just a second
ak snyum dn mnjwp "owh" !
dn ak terus beredar,
"owh" shj yg terkelua dri mulot ak,
knp ak x ucapkan terime kasih heh?
mungkin sbb ak still in shock !!
ak teros berjalan dgn senyum x henti henti ,
bukan mudah untk kite menerime pujian dri si stranger,
jdi apebila si stranger memuji,
ianye merupekan sesuatu yg berharga,
krn pelik,
bagaimane si stranger mampu lihat keistimewan//kelebihan kite
berbanding dgn org yg kita kenali
tp mereke tak mampu melihat semua ituh !
betol kan? : )


by the way ,
terime kasih heh si stranger !
u trigger my confidence !

Thursday, March 19, 2009

arie ! : ) plkn sudah

"suare kaw kelakar bodo"!
tuh ayat first kwar dri mulot kaw arn!
ngeng je ! XD
"we guys" haha! borak for about 30 mins
fun gle borak dgn kaw ! otak kite siket lebih kurang je!
yeah yeah! gud gud! : )
owh kaw jgn lupe bwk shades and tikar !
sbb kaw nk berkelah rite kt tepi sungai/loji !
ahahhahah ! XD
kaw take care je lah kt PLKN
sure2 abg2 gagah kt situh jge kaw baek pnye!
ahahah! XD
bubbye arie!!
see yaa on june!!
cpt2 lah tan!
ak nk putih dari kaw !
hahhaha ! XD

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i start loosing people around me..
they just"vanish" !!
yg prnh rapat , renggang sudah!!
yg renggang , melayang hilang enth kmne !
salah ak heh??
salah korang ke?
ak pn x tau ..
mayb ak salah .
sbb ak busy living my life smpai xder mse nk "layan" korang hari2
xder mase nk reply cmnt dgn korang
xder mase nk ym dgn korang
xder credit nk text korang
jdi korang wat kputusan nk abaikan ak yg xder mase untk korang
well its ok larhh .
ak dh biase dan terbiase dgn mnde2 mcm ni
so let it be the way it be..
korang pergi lah terbang jauh2
ak still kt sini xmo terbang
sbb ak xmo terbang tglkn org yg setie dgn ak
dn ak juge xbiase tglkn srte abaikan org.
yeah !

post ini ditujukan khas pde mereke yg telah terbang dri hidop ak
: )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

tujuh belas tahun : )

muhd azmir abd malek
17 tahun

yay !
+1 number !
no longer 16 ! : )

idop lg ak rupenye

harapan ; idop untuk tahun yg ke 18 !
SPM berjaye
ak punya SLR

my 17th years of life hope it is better than before : )

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

si perkauman sekalian alam !

"entri ini hnye lah pndpt dn pandangan ak sbgai si bdk 17 thn , apelah sgt kan? xperlu larh nk saman ak if terase ! hahahahah ! XD"

ak x suke si mereke yg perkauman .
we live under one nation meyh !
perlu ke si melayu anti same si india and si cine?
perlu ke si cine anti same si melayu and si india?
perlu ke si india anti same si cina dan si melayu?
perlu ke weyh? perlu ke? perlu?
gosh ! sesungguhnye tidak perlu larhhh
sifat sifat perkauman ni xpyh larh nk diamalkan lg .
cukop2 larh ak tgk and bce kt berite kes2 politik,gado ,and ape2 je larh yg involve perkauman ni.
its just not good meyh! xbes ! xbes !
effect the most ofcoz the youth larh!
ktorang for sure akan mcm mudah arh terpengaroh with all that perkauman thingy
once dh jd perkauman then forever u will be larh !
so kite jgn arh nk start tanam2 sifat perkauman dlm diri kite ok rakan rakan ? : )
bole x kita hapuskan this so call "kaum"
ak rse better if we known as RAKYAT MALAYSIA
not as the melayu,cina or india
then rse rse perkauman ni dpt arh dibuang
dont u think so people? : )

p/s ; ak tidak same sekali si perkauman : )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Confession ; what lies within the photo

mereke kate ;
"jime, u kan hott"
"jime u cute lar"
"handsome boy lar jime"

ak kebiasaannye jwp ;
"owh yeke? rse biase je ! mne ade org hot/cute/hndsome ! jime biase2 je larh."

dan kebiasaanye mereke akan jwp balek ;
"yer jime hot/cute/handsome . sje je tuh nk humble

fakta dan reality ;
ak xprnh rse yg dorang kate ituh sume sume ditujukan untk ak !
ak xprnh perasan ataupon teruje dgn kate kate dorang
kerane ,
yg HOT,CUTE and HANDSOME ituh sume adelarh photo photo ak !
ak x kelihatan seperti di dlm photo2 tuh sume
in fact i'm ugly yaw ! yeah yeah! i said it i'm ugly ! take note people !
not just that , i'm also freakin fat ! fat! fat ! and fat ! yeah ak ulang 4x supaye korang sdr ttg hakikat tuh ! : )
ak xpnrh anggp ak tipu/manipulasi/putar belit fakta or ape2 je larh istilah yg korang maw gmbrkan ttg photo2 ak tuh
ak dh ckp berulang2 kali dkt korang2 "i dont look like what i'am in the photo"
tpi korang DENY the truth ! smpai 1 point tuh ak dh jd mcm "sumbdy else version "
and arghhh!! i'm sick of it larh!
come on larh people !
accept me for who ever i'am !!
dont make be the other people version !
i want to be me ! i want to be original !
goshhh !!
ak malas maw snap photo lg !
sbb ak sndiri benci knyataan yg ak kelihatan laen dlm photo !!
perlu ke ak terime this so called GIFT (look diff in photo)
ak bukannye shape changer mahupon mystique yg dlm xmen ituh !!
adoi ! adoi !

The sollution ;
i will meet up ,
a few of them this weekend ,
1st february 2008
it is going to be my first time ever meet up with people from this so called "cyber world"
and will see how thing going on ,
whether (am i spell it right) its just me who make this issue bigger ,
or it is actuall a big thing ,big issue that i'm facing ! : )
what ever it is ,
we will see ,
kalaw ak mngamok habes habesan in the next entry
paham paham larh ok ? haha! XD

Monday, January 19, 2009

chemistry owh si kimia !!

ak dilema seketike bler sebot chemistry or kimia !!!
msk je form 5 ak teros blur bile ckgu ajar topic "salt"
ak dgn muke " apekahhhhhh ini " ddk je dlm kelas dgr ckgu ngajar tpi otak ak melayang2 fikir handphone ak yg ade dlm bag serte apekah menu hot kt kantin walaupon ak tau hari hari mnde same! adoyai !! tibe tibe ckgu ckp psl "DROP" chemistry !
ak mcm tertarek habes nk drop subj chem !
konon konon nekad habes arh ni ! siap sebar propaganda ajak ramai2 drop supaye ak x kesepian sorang sorang mengDROP chemistry ! yeaaah !
tpi respon agak mmbabi kan ! ciss korang kawan kawan ! XD
setelah ak di hamon, di ceramah, di jeritkan oleh si kawan kawan and, di tepok kepale oleh mereke mereke ! jadi ak mcm x jadi arh nk drop chemistry.module chem pon ak dh amek bayar je belom ! arghh ! halal je larh ckgu kan? kan? rm10 je meyh! ckgu topup pon rm50 !
ak gagah nk amek chemistry
WALAUPON ; ak x pernah kepoh nk hafal ION ,
ak x pernah kepoh nk hafal symbol
ak terkangkang bile nk bwat ionic formula
ak lupe basic basic mcm kire moles
tpi xperlah ! ak work even harder larh kan !
ak try larh recover sume aspek aspek kebodohan ak !
yeaaah !
and and hope chemistry ak meletop meletop result nnti !
supaye ak bole jerit kt abg2 ak dgn rse bangge riak dan takabur (walaupon ak tau perasan ini x baek disisi islam) tnpe perlu malu dgn result yg ak dpt ;
"weyh ! ak amek PURE SCIENCE larhh ! "

Friday, January 16, 2009

owh tagged ! tagged!

ak jwp in malay ok? ssb english ak x sehabat english engkau !! hahaa ! XD

1.What will you do as Mayor of KL at Lorong Haji Taib and Chow Kit Road?
owh! tuh sarang pelacor rite? ok ak akn bgi dorang kje yg halal halal belake! yeaaah!
and chow kit road plak enth ! biar je larh mcm tuh ! keep its originality meyh! yeaah

2.Draw ur own face.
x reti melukis ! owh xpyh ajar ! ngeeeeeeeee~ XD

3.How do you describe yourself?
no idea larh ! XD

4.Your magic word.
carotan carotan ak ! owh that is sooo magical maaa ! hahaha XD

5.Do you agree if goreng pisang and cekodok available at Starbucks or Dome?Why?
yeah yeah well its Malaysia dowh!! patot kne ade that kind of food ! roti canai also larh ! and and venti teh tarek plzz ! ngeeeee~ XD

6.Which Malaysians jajan you like most?
kerepek and muruku muruku thing!!! whoaa! bes bes !!

7.How do you describe your room?
kaler cream ! buku bersepah2 , baju terabor2 ,queen size bed ,sng cite it is a messy room ! well bilek si terune harus larh bgituh! bwhahaha! xper nnti mak ak kemas !! ngeeeeee~ love u mom! XD

8.How many times a day you change your t-shirt?
jap jap nk kire , mndi pagi 1 , petang 1 and mndi mlm 1 ! owh 3x! hahaha! ngeng ! XD

9.Are you handsome?
ak kacak? enth !! ak xpernah perasan ak kacak ! but korang korang perasan yg ak kacak
so ak kacak larh! Bhwahahahah! XD

10. Favourite makan spot?
mamak !!! yeaah!

11.Favourite kuih?
enth !xder fav lah ! sume ak cekik ! XD

12.In 12 hour,how will you spent RM1 million.
shopping till drop ! harus weyhhh !!
ak maw beli segale jadah yg ak xprnh ade before this ! yeah yeah !
nk bg nmpk baek siket yerla yerla ak wat donation larh !! hahaa! XD

ak maw tagged sume org yg bce this entry ! hahaha ! suke ati ak larh nk tagged sape! sebok larh kaw ! ngeeeeeeee~ XD

Friday, January 9, 2009

The gambar ! owh bahase rojak bes kn? haha! XD

hello people! : )
actly arh hasrat nk mencapup photo kt blog ni dh lme! haha!
sbb ak tgk korang korang bagai nk RAK upload photo arn!
so ak pon kepoh kepoh arh nk gak upload!
walaupon photo last year and ade gk arh diz year pnye ak mix mix je meyh! hahah!
xbyk photo !
Mls hoe nk upload byk byk! so time by time nnti ak upload ok gmbr2 yg konon2 si best larh ! yeah! yeah! mne yg ade ni korang sangap sangap larh dulu ok! hahaa ! XD

1 , 2 , 3 LOMPAT !!! ngeee~

auhh! melayang layang ok! XD

owh blck and white u alls !ahhaha XD

si seliper ! : ) *that qsilver is mine! hot kan? haha! XD

maen tepong! owh family ak havoc larh ! XD

si jco hot stuff hoe! haha *with myn and sara : )

FYI ; hari raye ktorang lompat lompat larh haha! XD

dah tuh je!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bubbye 2008 and Hello 2009 ! : )

i'm still survive another year on earth ! haha! XD
good for me! yeaa ! haha
2008 !! what a year ! its kinda "ok" larhh for me
not great ! just "ok" ! yeah!
2008 mcm byk je perpisahan for me
like my friend pg asrama , not in the same class with my other bff
yeah yeah !
and drama drama kt skola xmo kalah !! haha!
with teachers ! student ! prefect ! and kerani2 ?? haha ! sume tuh arh
sume ade je drama ! but all that "colour up " my year larh
and my pre-senior year agak bes and loud !
byk bende yg ak xprnh bwat before but on 2008 ak bwat

like well i'm not proud to admit but
ak lari dari skolah XD,
masok skola pkl 8.30 sbb pg breakfast dulu dgn kwn2 ak ! well start ur day with breakfast people! haha! XD
and ak skip kelas sesuke ati ! yeaaah ! subj and ckgu yg "mengundang" harus dielakan! XD
ade je mnde kinda positif yg ak bwat kt skola tuh like ,
jdi grafik designer for our school mag walaupon si pengetuwe reject my cover sbb xder muke dier ! dush dush !
masok kwd KRS for hari koko which is i'm sunburn like crzy !! ngeng !
jdi prefect XD , owh darl i'm their public relation officer ok ! yeaa! yeaaa !
recite doa kt tapak perhimpunan for the whole week which is people say that ak membace bukan berdoa?ape2 je lah korang hahahha! XD
and byk lagi larh yg agak "baek" ak bwat ! hahah! XD
ak kenal ramai kawan baru !! yeah! good thing huh !
i'm tottaly expanding my network people ! hahahah ! XD
well 2008 , ur time is over but i'll never forget u !

yeaah ! ! u being nice to me bcoz i cry less this year ! haha! : )
bubbyee 2008 !

HELLO 2009 !!!
yea yea ! taon baru ! XD
ak xmo bwat azam ape ape pon ! sbb yg lame2 pon x tercapai agik
so ak setel kan azam lame tuh then ak bwat yg baru ok?
yeah! ak just harap 2009 will be such a blast!! yeaah!
i hope i'll be such a better person
love and be love by people who is around me
and and pass with flying colours in my SPM!
aminnnnn~ : )