Sunday, May 3, 2009

Toilet Si Pavi ; must read ok !

Thing must do when u at Pavilion .
Go to the toilet meyh!
Its has the World Famous Mirror ! HAHA
Believe me ! its a must to take a reflection photo people !! HAHA >.<
ok ok !
its not the mirror i want to talk about ,

ok ok ! the story start like this,
i went into the toilet and saw this guy pee at the urinal
and i was like ok thats normal,
then i went into the toilet cubicle and do my thing ! HAHAA
when i came out , he still there .
i think mayb he drink alot !!
so i just wash my hand and look at the mirror
then I become curious what the heck he do by moving his hand like that
WALLAAAHHH !!! I swear to god i saw that guy WANKING !!!!!!
and bloody yeah I did saw the DICK !!!
goshhh !!! I think i went blind like 10 sec!!
and and yeaah he is a MALAY !!
then, suddenly he walk towards the sink and wash his leftover SPERM on his hand.
and I did watch because its like WHAAATTT????
GOSHH! u ewwwww me lahhhh!
go into Cubicle lahh BODOHH !!
public wanking? realyy??? daaa!!!


ejans said...

aiyOhhh.. haha dahsyat2..

toiLet pavi kot.. bukan toilet pertama kerr nk wt cmtu.. haha..

btw jiMme, kaw r da lucky one.. hahaha..

adilahalim ; said...

ou. horneyy. haha! damn,mesti geli gila. yucks.

Abir Abhar said...

jime x join ke?
mungkin dia dah tak tahan sgt kot!

roi kinney said...

why don't u record or sumting.
and uplod it in xtube.

ensem ke?

JimeMalek said...

ejans ; yeahh pavi beb! xdernye ak nk pg melepak Pertama giler! HAHA Byklahhh The Lucky One !! sepuk kang ! HAHAH

lala ; mmg geli ! ak dh cite kt dak2 jantan kelas kite ! tp mereke xde respond pon! mayb dorang dh biase tgk ! tah2 dorang buat ! HAHAHA

abir ; xdernyee org nk join! bweek! :P alahh beb! kalaw dh xthn msk lahh cubicle tuh!! weeee!

roi ; xmo arh ! kang dier ajak join abes arhh si jime! HAHA
owh hensem ke ? nnti kite cite belakang tabir! HAHAHA XD

Mohd Hazaruddin said...


ur so lucky bro hahaha


ash.N.fuz said...

super yucks...
i mean its acceptable, klu buat at dalam the toilet!!bt kat situ???

apabila jari ayuku menari lentik said...

ish ish ish

JimeMalek said...

hazard ; lucky huh? HAHA ngeg jep! :P
Ashh ; yeahh ! super yucks rite? tuh arh psl ! buat arhh dlm cubicle tuh! adoishh!
yudi ; yeahh! ish ish ish

Anonymous said...

hot gila.
hahahah. sewel ;p


fakhrul said...

asal tak join??kah3!

Amers. said...

The term wanking is only used in porn sites. We, men, do watch porn. Heh.