Monday, December 15, 2008

confession ; blogging ! ngeeee XD

every now and then
i always get this hesitant bittersweet like feeling when i'm writing down a blog entry.
it's like i'm sort of baring my soul
but keeping it all pent up.
like i'm setting my thoughts free only to box them in and compartmentalize them.
i dunno just a thought.
and it's weird when people read about your life
but dont know who you are.
and i think thats where the beauty of it lies,
that often the gift of anonymity removes all sorts of biases and partialities (is there such a word?) haha ! XD
its enables the reader to see you (or in this case, me) XD in different perspectives.
and i utterly respect the wealth of views, thoughts, comments, opinions that i get.
it can be such an eye opener.
thanks !!

*whoaa ! i think this is the first time ever i wrote in english with no such thing like grammar mistake !! i wish ! haha! XD
and the word abit "big" for me, owh thnks to "oxford fajar dictionary" btw!!! yeaah! XD
its help hell yeah alot !! hehe

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friend with money : )

did any of u got "friends with money" ??
alarhhh the one who born with silver spoon in their mouth?
yeah! i bet u hve! : )
i do hve a few ! : ) i like been friends with them !! : )
when we hang out and u were insist to eat in fancy rstrnt !!
once a while its fine by me
but each time?????
my family does "sign" the moneyy !! ahahah!
food court? owh well,its not ur "league" !!
but is minee! daaaaa !!! dush2~ XD
but ! why i'am questioning this?
who cares! i'm not the one who pay the bills
but u did! hahaha! XD
i'm the one who eat !! and refill the ice lemon tea like hell yeah a thousand time ! hahaha
and2 when u start talkin about "brand" !!
i'll start making those " whatever" face! ahaha! XD
owh biatch me! haha
we do hve same intrst and yeahhh taste in fshion
u the one who talk and wear "high fashion"
and i'm the one who listen watch PLUSS envy!
but whatever it is
i cant blame u my dear ! : )
u were born like that
ur parents make u wear OSH KOSH since u were a baby rite?
but hey hey! i still love u larh beb! : )
no matter what
u still buy me what ppl might say "what a present" for my bday! haha!
which is good! its make me feel that u appriciate me : )
when we hang out
u the one who always "treat" me ! : )
movie ticket? well its on u ! yeah!
dinner?lunch? on u ! on u ! hahahaha
sumtime i dont hve 2 take out my wallet at all larhhh !
that make me love u even more largh !
but beb ;
i'm friend with U
not ur money
i want u 2 kno that ! : )
and2 i hve so much fun with u larh beb!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Si baru dan Si lame

motif ; just nk update blog! XD

ak suke kawan2 lame ak
ak suke kt kawan2 baru ak
tpi ak x rse kawan2 lame ak suke kt kawan2 baru ak
tpi kawan baru ak suke kt kawan2 lame ak
kawan2 lame ak selalu membuatkan ak rse tersepit kt tgh2
day by day ,
ak rse jawoh dgn kawan2 lame ak
day by day,
ak rse semakin dekat ngan kawan2 baru ak
ak xmo hilang kawan2 lame
kawan2 lame byk mmry ngan ak
ak seronok ngan kawan2 lame
tapi arn,
kawan2 lame mcm xkesah je nk kwn ngan ak
mcm x kesah je nk jmpe ak walaupown dh lme x jmpe
ak selalu rindu2 kt kawan lame ak
kawan2 lame ak bwat x tawu je kt ak
kawan2 lame ak x call pown ak nk borak2
walaupown berzaman ak xdgr sore2 mereke
ak x kesah ,
hnye beberape je kawan2 lame ak yg still kesah psl ak
still call ak
still ym ak
still text ak
dier mmbwatkan ak rse bahawe
dier larh \"kawan smpai mati\"yg ak ade : )

kawan2 baru ak ade care dorang yg tsendiri
sbb i2 ak suke ngan kawan2 baru ak
ak bole cerite psl cerain2 thing kt dorang yg ak rse kawan2 lame ak xkn amek siyes
kawan2 baru ak suke spent time ngan ak
ak pown suke spent time ngan kawan2 baru ak
byk bnde yg ak bwat ngan kawan2 baru ak yg ak xprnh bwat ngan kawan2 lame ak : )
ak suke kt kawan2 baru ak : )
ini sume xder makne yg ak lupe kt kawan2 lame ak
ak xmo kawan2 lame rse yg ak lupekan dorang
kawan2 lame yg bwat ak rse yg dorang dh lupekan ak : (
tpi xperlah
mayb kawan2 lame ak dah jumpe kawan yg lebey baek dari ak rite?
so ak just move on .

si baru ngan si lame
masing2 unik bg ak
masing2 bwat ak gmbire bler ade dgn mereke
ak suke kt kawan2 ak
xkire lame atau baru
mereke2 si baru dan si lame
korang bermakne ok dlm idop ak ! : )

p/s ; sejak biler jadah ak berbahase baku ni? hahahahha!

Friday, November 21, 2008

school hlday? well its dull !!

gosh !!! school hlday ak sejak last year mcm babi !
ak sng ! pkai babi je ! bwhahahhah!
first week kinda enjoy hari2 bgon lmbt2!
1st week ade gak pgi hang out lepak2 kt pv ngan family
then msk 2nd week dah haram !!
hari2 ak ddk umah !! just arituh pgi tgk ngan makbapak serte akak !
laen2 ak ddk umah !! on9 pastu mkn pastu tgk tv pastu ak tdo !
what a life????
time belom cuti skolah ak dah xited2 pgi cuti sndiri then,
bler dah cuti skolah ak maw pgi skolah plak! nk jmpe mmber2 ak!
gosh! ak dah terbayang !
ni baru cuti skola 2week ak dah mish2 mmber ak !
nnti ! lepas spm? jadah ak skolah agik !!!
waaaaaaaaaaa~ xmo grad larh !
btw, ak x tawu ape jadah ngna life ak?
gettin dull than ever !
bosan bosan and bosan !

mereke2 mncadangkan ak supaye ;

hang out
yeah! hng out i2 sgt arh bes! ak suke gler! but the prob is!
ak ade rakan2 yg ssh gler nk kwar umah !! and kalaw kwar pown kne balek befor or by 6 o'clock

what a life !! siyes xbaper enjoy larh!
tgk wyg,mkn , jln sket then bubbye! hell yeah !!!

(sry 2 say this u guys ) XD
but still !! we hve such a good time larh ! : )

part time job ;
ade arh desas desus suro ak keje prt time kt mcD ke anywhere larh !
what i say ; HELL NO ! ak just rse i'm too young larh untk keje ! eceh! haha! XD
still family ak bole je tanggong ak rite? ak still salute larh dorang yg keje carik dwet sndiri mayb its good for them
but not for me ! i just not ready yet larh ! : ) later2 ok ! haha

what i wanted to do ;

loose weight!!
yeaah! i realy2 work for it rite now !! perghh tiap2 pagi alarm akn bunyik! ak pgi jog mcm jntan jadah!
bwhahah! XD kadang meet arh jog prtner kt taman yg biase ak jog i2! jog ngan dier sgt arh bes ! sbb klakar jadah! time nk jog pown nk bg ak gelak ! even dier cine but who cares ! ak x perkauman ok !! hahah!

and got 2 say i think ! i think larh kan i might loose a bunch of weigh base on what ppl tell me! bwhahahah!
yeaaaa ! XD

meet new ppl ;
yeah! kalaw dpt kenal ngan few new ppl would be nice!
well dapat gak share2 intrst ! learn new thing ! weee~
yerla xkn ngan same ppl je rite??

its time 2 change larh !

vacation ;
OMG! i do realy realy need one!
for god sake dah almost about a year x pgi vacation ok !!
last time ak rse pgi kelantan i2 kot ! i2 pown antr cousin kawen! dapat gak arh ak tgk2 lawot!
skang ni rupe lawot pown ak dah lupe kot ! bwhaha!
siyes ddk kt kl je kinda bosan ok! nk gak pgi luwar2 kl ! just like dorang2 yg luwar kl dorang teringin jugak nk dtg KL ! so do i meyh !! need a break larh from traffic ! segale2 asap !!
fresh air plz ! eceh! haha! XD
but what i kno larh , mayb bln 12 family belah abah maw bwat trip pgi PD ??
PD? i was like "omg how dull would that be"??
but hey ! its bttr than nuthin ! so pgi je larh ! and realy lookin foward for it!
and i missed all my cousin ,aunt and uncle ! so i guess i will hve such a great time with them
just like usual bcoz they are all about fun !! ahha
: )

yeah2! i2 larh certain2 thing ak rse dpt mmbwatkan cuti2 kuwh ini tidak bosan!
well got 2 hve sumthin 2 do rite? kalaw x siyes ak dah telan pnadol 10bijik! ahhaha! XD

and hope it will getin better larh !!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Fuck ; post with alot of "F" word !

owh guys ! u gonna 2 see alot of "fuck" in this post bcoz i 'm freakin angry rite now!
ahaha! i already warn u ; haha!

the F word start right NOW !!

fuckin idiot!idk whats wrong with my elder brother!!
anythin that i do he will protess it like hell!
give me support? hell no! just 2 cndaimed me!!
make me felt down the hill! are u enjoy doin it?
u think u btr than anybody else in diz house do u???
u think u smarter than evrbody?
u kno what? u wrong!! u'r not btr than anybody ! u'r the worst FUCKIN person ever exist in this UNIVERSE.!!

why u keep disturbing my life?
when i was in my room and i turn the music on!

u will knock my door like crazy and shout 2 me like fuckin crazy man and ask me 2 slow it down!!
u'r soo fuckin kidin me!!
u dont hve 2 shout! i'm not fuckin deaf u looser!
u dont hve 2 "slam" my door just 2 show how fuckin angry u are!
OMG!! its my room! its my space!i can do anythin that i wanted 2!!
if i ever wanted 2 hve sex in my room and those sex sound will be louder than ever
are u gonna knock my door also huh u looser? hahaa XD
if u turn the music on louder than the bloody hell live concert nobody gonna knock ur door rite?
u kno y?
because u'r the fuckin damn GOLDEN CHILD.!!!
i'm not gonna 2 dress up the way u did! bcoz it look fuckin stupid and its soooo 200 years ago !!!! so dont ever critic my hair,my beg,shoe,my jeans,my shirt and anythin that is MINE.!!
u just jelez ! bcoz i'm hotter than u though! hahahahahah!
soo! bttr u go FUCK SUMBODY ELSE LIFE.!! or just fuck ur own!! daaaa

p/s ; bad word wasnt it? yeah2! thats the way i express my emotion ! nghahahah! XD

name ak kne seru ngan ckgu pgws?

arini ak dpt tawu name ak naek kt list ckgu pgwas ! hell yeah !
first ak tawu sumpah terkejot gler babi haram larh kan !! x senang ddk ak kt umah !!
esk ckgu2 pgws i2 sume nk jmper same ak ngan baper2 agik arh!
dlm bilek guru bersaksikan ckgu2 yg laen ! perghh ! ak dpt tawu bkn maen byk agik ckgu melemparkan cmnt2 negatif psl ak ! adoyai !
msti kejer2 mijol argh ni ! ak tawu beliaw paling byk x pwas ati same ak dari rmbot smpai kuku kaki ak pown dier nk x pwas ati ! adoyai !
xper2 esk akan ak hadap and ak da ready speach2 ape yg patot bg mmbele diri ak
and meluahkan segale2 yg dah bebuku bakan dlm hati ak ni !
so harap2 kess pecat2 xder !
and2 kes tarik2 jwatan xder! aloyai!
same2 doakan ak ok2 shj !

: )

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally ! got my phone back! : )

yeaah! dpt phone balek!! yea yea !
da dkt 5 month kot ak x gune phone! mcm jntan jadah je hoe!
walaupown bkn larh enpon V3i ak
i got sumthin bettr larh
nokia 6280 ! yeah! kire bttr larhh dari v3i i2!
skang bole arghh korang contact2 ak ok!

nk numb? tgk arhh kalaw ak rjen ak bg arh kt korang!
ahhahah! XD

happy gler ! : )

Monday, October 27, 2008

confession 1 ; the family

ak ank bongsu dlm keluarge ! and ppl keep saying that anak bongsu ;

.always get what they wanted to
.golden child
.spoiled kids

non any of that is true about me being the bongsu !

u bet i get evrything? hell no ! i seldom not gettin anything that i wanted to !!
like cellphone !! owh its like half a year i dont use any ! my bro use mine bcoz his phone broke down !
pastu hndphone ak yg dier gune 2 pown dier rosakan ! the best part dier beli baru without say anythin 2 me ! bkn nk gnti ke ape ke my phone 2 ! sial !
then i ask my mom to buy me a new one ! owh hell no she agree ! she said "owh wait for ur spm result,then i buy u 1 "
for god sake mom ! spm is lyke 1 years form now! gosh !!!!! u can spare money for my other sibling but for sure not for me rite?? yeah2 i already get used to it larh !!
golden child? hell no ! i was like a black sheep in the family ok ! u not gonna 2 belive me if i say my elder brother is the golden child ! hell yeah he is ! omg ! he still depend on my mom to buy his underware !! can u believe that?? i always be the last in line when it come to anything !!! sumtime i'll do the house work but when i screw abit they will say "x bole harap arh kaw ni" !! for the love of god ! can u just once appriciate what i do !! mcm argh ur other chlidren (xcpt my elder sister) bwat keje2 rumah ! dorang mcm setan sepah2 rumah ade larh kan! but ade u nk marah2 dorang? ade? balek2 muke ak gak korang marah ! nk hempas2 barang sume depn muke ak kan?
nk masam2 muke smer dpn muke ak ! dpn muke babi anak 2nd bkn maen manis lagi kan?? xprnh suro even basoh cawan pown rite?
kalaw mamat jadah 2 xmkn muke ak gak yg kne pgi kedai beli food dier kan? kalaw ak blom mkn ad suuroh sape2 pgi beli food ak? jgn harap larh ! ak mati kejong bawah meje pown korang KESAH LAGI ! masing harapkan ak je rite? yerla ak mmg kuli batak hram jadah kt rumah 2 ! kalaw nk angt loundry pown ak yg tgh stdy2 untk xm ni korang2 pgi suroh angkt !! yg babi ank 2nd ddk besar telor dpn tv x pulak suroh kan? alasan munasabah korang dier balek keje penat2! haram larh!! then weekend alasan ape?? thats y every weekend ak xkn ade kt umah ! sbb ak mls nk hadap muke anak 2nd! dah argh mcm mntek!! x sngop ak nk ddk umah kalaw dier ade! ak rele melepak kt area2 bb ! even sorang2 pown ak pgi ok! tgk mvie ke ape2 je larh ! as long ak xpyh nk ddk umah time dier ade kt umah ! argh!
i'm sick of this larh !! cant wait nk kwar dari umah ni ! and live with just my sister ! we both share the same thing ! hate our own sibling ! bcoz they such a pathetic weekling bastard !! erghhhh !

Thursday, October 9, 2008

lari skola ; owh perangai setan kami ! hahaha

OMG! bosan sial kt sklaha arini.! first nomi ckp xder kelas bio then ade plak dierr!! lucky 2 mase je larh, kalaw x mmpos ak nk ngadap muke dier 4 mase! owh biology 4 mase kaw bygkan ! mati kejong siooot! tpi xper, seperti biase ak ngan shawn borak je argh kt blakang gelak2 gmba time ktorang f1 pastu nomi marah ktorang sbb bising dier kte no wonder arghh ktorang failed je bio! bwhahaha! seperti biase ak ngan shawn "KESAH" lagi ngan bio kaw 2 ! hahahah!
then abes kelas ak pown naek argh atas arn pastu nmpk argh umra hani ! owh dier kesepian sial arini sbb lala pgi kem krs ! pastu ktorang bersidai alam arghhh kt koridor dpn kelas ! umra ajak ak lari skola sial ! mule2 ak xmo argh! cuwak gak ak ! dah argh ak pgws skola arn siap ade jwtan exco agik ! (public relation jee) hahah! tpi setelah ak pikir2 dgn add math ak x setel agik ngan bosan2 belajar eng so ak pown agree argggh jdi setan kjap! hahaha! ajak shawn harapan argh dier nk ikot !!! hahaha!

10 min packing barang2 ak msk dlm beg ;

ktorang maw lari pnjat pagar ikot padang argh sng sbb mcm clear sket arn! time kotaang smpai blgkn surau ade plak mat indon tgh repair2 surau , pndang2 panas plak kt kami ! marah argh ni ! hahah! then bwat x tawu je , pastu nk turon arhh ade plakk dak2 kelas ak tgh pj ! FYI ; dlm kelas ak penoh ngan pgws2 yg berjawatan exco termasoklarh disiplin ngan ketua pgws ! hell yeaah! so xmo argh lalu situ
ktorang lalu gate agik satu ! then jln arhh kt padang i2 ade plak taek lembu ! haram btol ! pastu lpeas arhh ak pnjt pagar skola ngan mcm nk roboh tembos kt blkg bngkel jadah ape ak x tawu ! hahah! XD

muke bahagie setelah lepas pnjt pagar ! : )

ktorang menapak sket tunggu taxi depan masjid ( nk tgu dpn masjid je ) haha! tpi arn mcm palat pkcik2 serta abang2 taxi xmo benti! tawu argghh korang xmo subahat ! haha! agak2 ak rse 15 min arhghh tggu taxi! ngan matahari pkol 10 yg mmbakar kulit ! perghh! sunburn ak sial! hahaha! lucky ade pkcik benti tnpe bertanye ak tros msk and suro dier pgi ukay perdane (umah umra hani )
smpai je umah umra tros msk ngadap mama dier salam2 haruss ! ( mama umra byk sporting sial , x kesah meyh ktorang lari skola then lepak umah dier ) FYI ; korang dah inform kt mama dier ! hahah! so kire dah dpt restu argh ni ! bwhahahah! XD
umra siap2 2kar baju ktorang menapak turon bukit balek dgn harapan tgu bas nk pgi LRT w.maju sbb nk pgi umah ak kt Cheras nk 2kar bju beb ( ak je mcm palat sbb still bju KRS ) !
then kotrang tgu argh bas kt bus stop ! tpi bas rapid T305 bgaai hanjeng lambatnye!! tpi korang arnn muke "adorable" muke dipercayai umum ! hahah then ktorang tumpang arghh ade akak ni dier maw pgi LRT jelatek ! yeaaah! bes arghh ! smpai je LRT beli tiket pgi Masjed Jamek ( umra blnje siot ) smpai msjed jamek ktorang naek Bas pgi umah ak

Dlm bas Umra hani Hoet stuff : )

msk je bas sumpah ak lege giler ! sbb panas siot time 2! ngadap air cond tros ak ! Yeaaah! time mau bayar arnn umra dpt discount sioot ! hahah! patot dier kne byk RM1.80 and ak just 90sen (almaklom uniform skola) tpi umra bayar harge ak je sbb abg tiket bg discount ! hahahah! save argh poket dier! hahah! then2 time tiket inspection arnn abg tiket maen acah2 ngan umra ! bwhahahah! giler idaman argh kaw beb! XD

Bla bla bla bla smpai umah ak : )

incek abah ade kt umah time ak balek tpi lucky arghh abah ak sgt arh bes ! haha! dier xkesah pown ak lari skola dowh! hahaha! ak msk umah ngan umra ak suro minah 2 tgu kt living hall sudah! ak 2kar bju pastu kutip dwet pastu chow arth ! umra pnjam CD SIMS 2 yeah adeq dier maw maen ! : ) ktorang pown turun menpak bukit balek ( owh rumah ktorang mmg maen bukit je haha) then time on way turon ade 2 org abg kelantan maw join ktorang turon bukit same! haha! perghh ak ngan umra bntai dah gelak2 je ngan abg2 kelantan tersebot then ktorang cept2 arghh lintas mls ak nk jln ngan dorang! pastu2 tgu skjp je then bas pown smpai arghhh! naek bas tpi kali ni pkcik yg kutip2 tiket so dier x der arghh gatal2 kt umra mayb sebb pkcik i2 dah menopos ngan putus nafsu kot ? haha! XD ktorang dlm bas dgn amannye smpai arghh kt TS ! yeaah! ktorang turon je ade nmpk sorang abg ni arn pkai anak tudong? hell what? dier bjet snowcap ke weyh! hahah! ak da pecah perot time lintas jln nsib baek x kne lngr lori siot ! haha! XD ktorang menapak alam smpai sunburn2 ak ngan umra


smpai je klcc ktorang tros shoot TGV nk beli tiket cite KAMI ! yeaaah!! hot ! hot! ! hot ! hot ! umra payong ak half meyh dwet tiket ! bkn sng pompuan 2 nk blnj2 org ! bwhahaha! XD cite mule pkol 2.45 ak rse time 2 bru pkl 2 so ktorang pgi argh food court melantak McD ! yeaah! kt food court arn ade Norlia Ghani siott ! bwhahaha! sangap lagi ak nmpk minah 2 ! hahaha! abes melantak ktorang naek TGV balek !

Hall 1 ; G16 G17

seat yg ktrang pilih agak2 cntr arghh gak ! pastu mvie start! ak dah sangap abes nk tgk Abu,Ali,Sofie.Lyn,Erin ! yeaah! (p/s ; Abu topless siaal ! hot habes arghhh!! ) hahaha! XD tpi arn time mvie i2 ade minah sebelah ak mnjadi pencerite sejati ! perghhhhhhhh! tawu largh kaw da tgk KAMI 20x so xpyh argh kaw nk cite "what come next" mmg ak byr rm7 nk dgr cite kaw !! setan je idop kaw! dush2~ marah arh ni !
ending cite ni agak mnyentoh perasaan jiwe rage segale2 arghh!! yeaah!! tpi ak rse 1 hall penoh ngan remaje2 alam hoe! haha! sumpah masing2 giler2 gelak nk lancang je kirenye sume LOUD arh dlm 2 ! ahahah! kinda kewl yaw! then2 time KAMI abes bru pkl 5 cmtuh
astaga! x remaje argh balek awal arn! belie arghh agik 1 tiket cite PATHOLOGY alaa cite yg ade mamat nme MILO yg blkon heroes i2 ! yeaah! sumpah ak ckp mvie ini bagai cilake haram! yeaah! bosan siooot ! bttr ak tgk cite " i kno who killed me " yeah! marah arh ni ! erghhhhhhhhh~

kepada umra hani ; owh beb kte rwksta sial ! ak rse arn ktelarh student PURE SCIENCE yg pertame lari skola kt smksk i2 !bwahahha !pecah tradisi sial ! ak berbange ! nnti lari agik taw beb ! ikot pagar depan plak !! hahah! kte kwar beduwe pown da hot ! xpyh harap mereke2 yg laen i2 kan? haha ! XD

p/s ; pade siape yg bercadang2 maw mereport kt ckgu~ehem2 anda palat !! and2 if ande ckgu2 yg mmbce blog ini owh! dont take it personal ! u cant control my freedom of writing !! it is my life outside SMKSK ! It is beyond ur power to taking any action regards what am i writing in here ! so read it and leave it ! ktorang dah berjaye pown meloloskan diri dari pagar skola weyh ! hahaha
and drop a few cmnt will be nice ! ahahhaha!! :P

Sunday, August 24, 2008

tentang mereke ; owh rakan selamenye! : )

i would like introduce to u guys some bff of mine larh! =D
mne arh tawu korang pon berdenyut gak nk mmber2 dgn mereke!
almaklomla ak punye sume korang nak kan? hahahha XD
most of my bff are from skool larh! opcoz! hari2 ak ngadap muke dorang je hoe!!
yeaah! =D smpai ktorang sume kne "aim" oleh senior2 dan ckgu2!
name sering jdi bahan bualan kt bilek guru! helloo!! ktorang ade informer ok kt bilek guru i2! hahaha XD

Umra hani ;
OMG! dier loud yg teramat ok!
pale hotak nk sebijik ak je!
cerdik pndai dowh! PMR ; 7A whoaa!!
membahan org mmg hebat nak mati dier ni!
kalaw org bahan dier mst x jadi! sbb mati cmtuh je bahanan mereke! hahah XD
owh2! mmber ak sejak kecik agik! maen masak2 same kan? keja2 same2? maen pasir? maen beskal? hahhaa kite hebat arh!
ak ngan dier if da bertepek kt bb mmg harapan arh nk balek cpt arn? eyh2 umra arituh smpai umah pkl 12 kan! kan! hahahaha XD
segale2 kedai bapak ak ngan dier nk msk!

Shawn Saen ;

Dier sering jdi "subject of formula" arghh if ktorang nk gelak2! hahahaa
kalaw nk gelak xder cte psl der x bes! msti kne ade point2 kt diier!
byk name hoe ktorang bg kt dier ni and yg paling l8test "freq dolly" !! XD
poket berkepok dowh mamat ni!
duwet byk!! so blnje2 ak mmg arhhh tujuan utame dier idop!
mmber ak since skola rendah kot? yeah2 dier pernah menepek donat coklat kt bju ak! kimak kaw shawn!! hahaha XD
dlm kelas ddk sebela ak . so segale2 ckgu dah kne bahan oleh ktorang! haha
komsas shawn terel dowh! berseloke perghhhhhhhh! ckgu mijol heart kaw larh shawn! Hahahha XD

Lala Halem ;

Dier ni selalu gak jdi "subject of formula" tpi x byk arh! hhahaha XD
kenal2 since f1 larh! time 2 mmg konflik abes! hahaha dgn adenye "the alien" yeaah!
tpi lala dgn ak telah mnghapuskan anasir2 jahat i2! haha

beliau arhh paling actve bercinte! smpai ak pown x tawu mn satu balak dier! hahaha ( sry lala) ahkx XD
yerla dier gud lookin dowh! and ak paling x bole lupe dier prnh tmbok sekor jntan! gile gagah! bertepek kt muke dgn blkg badan!
gagah2! kagom ak dowh!!!
yerlaa de pngkt lans coperal arh pulak kan! hahaha

Amalina Yusuf ;

parents dier selalu jdi "subject of formula" haha !
dier pown bole gelak2 smpai tegang2 urat2 perot bler ktorang bahan mak bapak dier! haha XD
kinda gngster dowh among us!
kalaw nk carik pasal perghh! dier ape kesah org 2 sape! and2 pernah bwat kepoh kt kntin hoe! tercampak air kiri kanan! dier gado dgn minah bitch !
yeah! minah 2 smpai kt atas arg dier kejar nk carik psl larh ktekan!
kecot ovum minah 2 kne serang dgn kotrang 1 geng! XD
selalu pulang berjalan same2 smpai ade pkcik 2 kte ktorang mcm bdk dlm iklan petronas .! owh pkcik apekah kaw merapu ni? hahahha
dier pown bijak pndai ! dak MRSM okkk!! hahaa =D
prnh kene dgelar "hntu tetek" oleh kami and"flat top" oleh barbara and alep! hahahaha XD

Ezad Othman ;

sugar dad kami 1 geng! ahahaha
selalu backup2 wallet ktorang!!
asal usul family UP so dier selalu
bg kami mcm2 ! kire dier ni ala2 mr.SANTA larhh! hahaha
xder arh gile mne diam2 je selalu!
owh2! novel2 eng yg gmpak sume dier past kt ak
yela2 ktorang share same intrst in reading! hahaha XD
agak kanak riang arh! kaw tgk arh bday wish dier!
nk patong2 menan! adoyaii ! i2 yg shawn bg dier patong btman ak rse!
ahahha XD
korang2 kite kwn smpai mati kan?? kalaw x mati agik korang sombong siap arh korang! haha! XD ily korang tebal2 arh ! yeaah! : )

First post! yea2! =D

yeah! i got my own blog larh skang!
giler hot arh! XD

actly x prnh pikir pown dowh nk bwat blog2 jadah ni sume
tpi umra hani arh bkn maen agik dier kipas2 ak suro bwat blog
so why not arn? bole gak korang2 tawu ape cite hot psl ak
pngakuan berani mati ak ke kan?
pade mereke yg layak menerimenye! hahahah XD
btw i'll try my best to show u guys my true colour larh! hahaa so by that u guys can know me bttr! weeeeee~ =D
blog ak akn jdi begitu sarcastic! hahahahha i2 yg hebat2! !
so hope u guys will enjoy my blog!