Monday, December 15, 2008

confession ; blogging ! ngeeee XD

every now and then
i always get this hesitant bittersweet like feeling when i'm writing down a blog entry.
it's like i'm sort of baring my soul
but keeping it all pent up.
like i'm setting my thoughts free only to box them in and compartmentalize them.
i dunno just a thought.
and it's weird when people read about your life
but dont know who you are.
and i think thats where the beauty of it lies,
that often the gift of anonymity removes all sorts of biases and partialities (is there such a word?) haha ! XD
its enables the reader to see you (or in this case, me) XD in different perspectives.
and i utterly respect the wealth of views, thoughts, comments, opinions that i get.
it can be such an eye opener.
thanks !!

*whoaa ! i think this is the first time ever i wrote in english with no such thing like grammar mistake !! i wish ! haha! XD
and the word abit "big" for me, owh thnks to "oxford fajar dictionary" btw!!! yeaah! XD
its help hell yeah alot !! hehe

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friend with money : )

did any of u got "friends with money" ??
alarhhh the one who born with silver spoon in their mouth?
yeah! i bet u hve! : )
i do hve a few ! : ) i like been friends with them !! : )
when we hang out and u were insist to eat in fancy rstrnt !!
once a while its fine by me
but each time?????
my family does "sign" the moneyy !! ahahah!
food court? owh well,its not ur "league" !!
but is minee! daaaaa !!! dush2~ XD
but ! why i'am questioning this?
who cares! i'm not the one who pay the bills
but u did! hahaha! XD
i'm the one who eat !! and refill the ice lemon tea like hell yeah a thousand time ! hahaha
and2 when u start talkin about "brand" !!
i'll start making those " whatever" face! ahaha! XD
owh biatch me! haha
we do hve same intrst and yeahhh taste in fshion
u the one who talk and wear "high fashion"
and i'm the one who listen watch PLUSS envy!
but whatever it is
i cant blame u my dear ! : )
u were born like that
ur parents make u wear OSH KOSH since u were a baby rite?
but hey hey! i still love u larh beb! : )
no matter what
u still buy me what ppl might say "what a present" for my bday! haha!
which is good! its make me feel that u appriciate me : )
when we hang out
u the one who always "treat" me ! : )
movie ticket? well its on u ! yeah!
dinner?lunch? on u ! on u ! hahahaha
sumtime i dont hve 2 take out my wallet at all larhhh !
that make me love u even more largh !
but beb ;
i'm friend with U
not ur money
i want u 2 kno that ! : )
and2 i hve so much fun with u larh beb!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Si baru dan Si lame

motif ; just nk update blog! XD

ak suke kawan2 lame ak
ak suke kt kawan2 baru ak
tpi ak x rse kawan2 lame ak suke kt kawan2 baru ak
tpi kawan baru ak suke kt kawan2 lame ak
kawan2 lame ak selalu membuatkan ak rse tersepit kt tgh2
day by day ,
ak rse jawoh dgn kawan2 lame ak
day by day,
ak rse semakin dekat ngan kawan2 baru ak
ak xmo hilang kawan2 lame
kawan2 lame byk mmry ngan ak
ak seronok ngan kawan2 lame
tapi arn,
kawan2 lame mcm xkesah je nk kwn ngan ak
mcm x kesah je nk jmpe ak walaupown dh lme x jmpe
ak selalu rindu2 kt kawan lame ak
kawan2 lame ak bwat x tawu je kt ak
kawan2 lame ak x call pown ak nk borak2
walaupown berzaman ak xdgr sore2 mereke
ak x kesah ,
hnye beberape je kawan2 lame ak yg still kesah psl ak
still call ak
still ym ak
still text ak
dier mmbwatkan ak rse bahawe
dier larh \"kawan smpai mati\"yg ak ade : )

kawan2 baru ak ade care dorang yg tsendiri
sbb i2 ak suke ngan kawan2 baru ak
ak bole cerite psl cerain2 thing kt dorang yg ak rse kawan2 lame ak xkn amek siyes
kawan2 baru ak suke spent time ngan ak
ak pown suke spent time ngan kawan2 baru ak
byk bnde yg ak bwat ngan kawan2 baru ak yg ak xprnh bwat ngan kawan2 lame ak : )
ak suke kt kawan2 baru ak : )
ini sume xder makne yg ak lupe kt kawan2 lame ak
ak xmo kawan2 lame rse yg ak lupekan dorang
kawan2 lame yg bwat ak rse yg dorang dh lupekan ak : (
tpi xperlah
mayb kawan2 lame ak dah jumpe kawan yg lebey baek dari ak rite?
so ak just move on .

si baru ngan si lame
masing2 unik bg ak
masing2 bwat ak gmbire bler ade dgn mereke
ak suke kt kawan2 ak
xkire lame atau baru
mereke2 si baru dan si lame
korang bermakne ok dlm idop ak ! : )

p/s ; sejak biler jadah ak berbahase baku ni? hahahahha!