Thursday, April 16, 2009

Movie Review ; Slumdog Millionaire

What a great movie ! bes bes ! i love it ! this movie kinda unique ! : )
ak tgk kt DVD je ! HEHE >.<
ok ok meyh ak cite abit about this movie !

cite dier psl life Jamal Malik .
ok this guy msk tv show contest "who want to be a millionaire"
and dier dpt jwp soalan smpai 10mil rupee !
and and host tv tuh x pwas hati dgn dier then he make the police to arrest Jamal dgn alasan dier menipu !
well who will expect a uneducated slumdog reaching 10mill question?
even lawyer ,doc sume just smpi 7mill je!
then time polis start to soal siasat this jamal
perghh ! i love this part !
plot disusun dgn bgituh besnyee! ttg susah hidop jamal and and kaitan hidop dier dgn jwpn yg dier bg !!
how cool is that!! : )
( xmo cite psl plot dier,u hve to watch it by ur own )
and about his love towards kartika!
bes ! i can feel the love ! : )

mcm mne si jamal ni beriyer nk cari si kartika trpisah time kecik2.
and cabaran2 dier lah
ade unsur2 gangster abit when abg jamal , salim involve in some gang .
and make kartika married with the boss ..
the ending agak bes !
when the abg kinda korbankn diri demi his brother love!
awwwww! realy touching !! : )

the soundtrack is realy realy good !
ade lgu from M.I.A
amazing !!!
ni bkn mcm typical hindi film with alot of singing,dancing dialog berbunge2
infact xder pn joget2 in this mvie : )

this is totally must watch movie of the year ! : )


Anonymous said...

yes yes yes. this movie is superb. and you're right jime, its not a typical hindi movie. plus they speak english most of the time. mmg a must watch movie. ;D

adilahalim ; said...

i knoe!
sangat tacing an ?
in fact, if u watch closely, salim tu muslim kott.
he prays before he kills somebody.
wasn't it..something for us to think of ?

JimeMalek said...

Lala ; yeah yeah ! he is a muslim! even Jamal also meyh! igt x time mak die basoh2 kaen then kne attact tuh? ade one dialog "kill them, they are muslim "
but ad part jamal kiss with kartika
i dont think that kinda appropriate since he play as a muslim !
but who am i to talk rite? !

yoy ; yeah darl !! malaysia should done a movie like this ! with our own face ! and our own style! and bring it to hollywood ! : )

.shakree. said...

eherm! eherm!
its LATIKA okeh!
bahahhaa xP
ko salah character tuh jime!
bahahahahhahah xP