Monday, July 27, 2009


Stop pretending! Stop this imaginary thingy!Stop it.STOP IT ! I cant handle the truth that I saw,the plain lies u told.You declair with condition,thats maybe why you said that,
thats maybe why you dont feel me and I dont feel you.
Believe me,just by reading, your heart,emotion and love can be tear up like a piece of paper? yeah! It does tear up mine.! Its realy "enjoyable" thing for me to read up your comment and saw the truth.its realy an eye opening.
Maybe friendship suit us well, even I think vice versa. ! I kno this will coming ever since that 10/07/09 thing happen. : )
mayb its not you,
its me,the issue that I'm facing wayyyy much "dramatic" than yours.
Its the self esteem issue. : )
auh. there is no point for me to shout out my emotion here.
I cant even dare asking for your explaination. because Truth Hurt..
dont tell people that you are single eventho you are not,
that is sooo not cool ok !
ok tamat,


dalf i.t.u aku said...

sabar yeah jime
wat x tahu je
mintak cerai meyh..?

ejans said...

ingt ade kisah pasal lagu2 mariah carey keerr.. hahaha.. el divo kerr..

hady said...

everybody face self esteem issue
it is a global issue dude, hehe..

and mengaku single is kinda cool actually (well depends on what is your intention)..

adilahalim ; said...


heart broken ye bang ?

*boleh imagine aku gelak tak ?
hehe. XD

ash.N.fuz said...

work it sista:P

Anonymous said...

lorh , kesiannye , sorry for u .

actually we r in same situation -_-

Anonymous said...

lorh siannye , actually we r in same situation =(