Thursday, March 19, 2009

arie ! : ) plkn sudah

"suare kaw kelakar bodo"!
tuh ayat first kwar dri mulot kaw arn!
ngeng je ! XD
"we guys" haha! borak for about 30 mins
fun gle borak dgn kaw ! otak kite siket lebih kurang je!
yeah yeah! gud gud! : )
owh kaw jgn lupe bwk shades and tikar !
sbb kaw nk berkelah rite kt tepi sungai/loji !
ahahhahah ! XD
kaw take care je lah kt PLKN
sure2 abg2 gagah kt situh jge kaw baek pnye!
ahahah! XD
bubbye arie!!
see yaa on june!!
cpt2 lah tan!
ak nk putih dari kaw !
hahhaha ! XD


Anonymous said...


JimeMalek said...

owh !
yeah yeah i sucked !
but u sucked more than i do !
bcoz u hide ur identity behind the anonymous thingy !
u such a pathetic weekling idiot!!
u should rot in hell !
thats all
: )

owh i'll
wait for ur reply
if dare enough lah to be JINX by me!

Anonymous said...

"JINX? OH YEAHH. wanna try? alrite. if i suck more than you do. then youre gay. you suck COCK."

JimeMalek said...

that the best u can give?
gay? suck cock? ahahh
owh owh ! u wanna kno some more?
we also do the FUCKing !!
owhh darl !
it need more than that lahh to bring me down !
u pathetic psycho LOOSER !
u just acting dumb !!
owh owh ! u dont need to act it
u are DUBM !

come on looser
hit me with ur best shot !
: )

Anonymous said...

whats up with this anonymous beb? gile! psychopath! jime, you should just ignore these annoying people. seriously a pathetic.

JimeMalek said...

yeah! agak mngundang jiwe lah
tp dier agak xder point dh
sbb sume yg dier ckp jime iyerkan je! haha
thnks beb for ur concern !

Puteri Sepi said...


ape cerita ni?

kelakar la bai!


JimeMalek said...

syiqa ; tuh arh psl !
kelakar arn? ak xtau lah si anonymous ni ! carik pasal ak tebas arh balek ! HAHAHA

bobo said...

ive seen you before. i know i have but i cant rmmbr where. lol

JimeMalek said...

bobo ; huyeh? u've saw me before?
weeeeee! myspace mybe? : )

Puteri Sepi said...

jime, ko kne tagged dah!

g buat cepatttttt......

adilahalim ; said...

kinda figured out who's dis anonymous.

i think its her, don't you ?

*ps ; darling, ur 'SUCKKKKK!!!' word don't even leave a scratch, you fat ass.

oops! my bad.

jimiey, i want to be anonymous jugak. haha! but then, i think i have SUCH gut to leave my name.

adilahalim, if you ask. (:

.shakree. said...

haha xP
ngengs towl arh mamat anonymous tuh..
jealous ngan ko kowt beb?
pedulikan sajaa~
ngee xP