Saturday, August 29, 2009


Its already started.
The humiliation and sarcasms!!
The weasel have blown.
In order to bring others down you and your friend need to "that" to share the joy of laughter
there the beauty of friendship can be seen.
You guys attact me on my weekest point.
On my lowest confident level.
Thing that just barely bring my face down.
Bring my confident to zero.
I know by doing that,
You guys look OH-SO-GOOD.
But,believe me God,
They dont even dare to spit out those "spell" if they were alone.
They brave in crowd
Their testicles pop up when they have back up
They become a man when they got people.
I'll make cool about it
I'll be matured.More matured than You are the bunch of crap
The Oh-So-Good-Looking people. ( so nott)
You guys got the pride that higher than klcc so by that you guys just simply neglected mine huh?
How dare you ! how dare you!!
If u the PSYCHO LOOSER still want to cast those spells around,
I dont mind,
Because I grow up.
Its not primary school anymore for godsake!
Iam 17, You are 17.
I act like one, but u act like 7 years old kiddo !

I will smile at You,
I will Waving at You,
I will say Hye to You
I will Shake your hand.
I know its the only way to end this.
be nice
even though we be treated vice versa ! : )

Ok tamat,


adilahalim ; said...

this is soooo about that munimbar-like mamat tu kan ?
i don't think they have the guts to face you, alone.
its something that this kind of people always do.

chill baybe. you still have me :)

Hanan Izzati ;) said...

fuyohh.Jime englishnya A-1 nih!peacee! ^^

*ehehe menyibok

ash.N.fuz said...

u hve me too:0

JimeMalek said...

lala & ashh ; yeah i kno i got u guys to back me up!
weewiit ! HAHAA

hahan ; aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !! >.<

JimeMalek said...

its HANAN, typo disituh