Sunday, April 18, 2010

OWH! fact ! hahaha

Fact 1 ; In this so called "World" there is no such thing like "iam not into sex, I'm looking for pure love " . Believe me,u'll die alone. Well what u expect rite?? Its not Straight relationship,it is something NOT-SO-STRAIGHT , so if you dont give up ur ass then just forget it ok? No sayang for u ! HAHA XD

Fact 2 ; From 110 KG to 90KG is not something imposible if u work hard for it. Eat less,excercise more and say hello to fitness first and hell no to KFC :D , then u'll do justttttttttt fine

Fact 3 ; suddenly, 1K per month seems not enough ! how come heh?? before this only RM50 per week while i'm schooling and I'm doing fine . AND now?? 1k? duhh =.= ! its look like
Mr-I-love-shopping now have to cut his expense and become Mr-Iam-not-buying-cloth-ANYMORE T.T ! OH TIDAKKK ! *haha
Well, its true what they say we never get enough ! :D weewiit

Fact 4 ; I miss school !! Well, its true ! i miss all my friends already. The joy we used to have, the so called crime that we commit ! HAHA. and , idk ! i just miss school ! the social life btw, not all the homework and examination shit ! HAHAH :D

Fact 5 ; Masscom interview not that easy if u were Mr-zero-general-Knowledge !!! duhhh =.=
so, make sure u guys reading newspaper,watching news not HBO , paris hilton not well recieved there ok, but if u talks current issue more likely politics then u'll nail it ! hehe
*I hope I doing ok there ! aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !

Fact 6 ; Sorry for my english ok ,many typo going on there , or what so ever english thingy goin on lahh,believe me I know ! HAHAHA , so I apologize ok :D
well, my english not good as yours rite? weeewiit ! XD

ok tamat,