Monday, December 21, 2009

Way to survive in Online Social Network.

hey U'OLSS ! *babi x intro aku

hey dah berzaman,berganti zaman ak xupdate blog.Dari zaman mude remaje,smpai lah zaman dewase *habes SPM.
well,I gonna to talk * I mean TYPING duhh =.= about , Online Social Network.
like, Facebook.
eyh! jap! Myspace should come first!
Myspace and Facebook.
ok i dont give a crap about the other ! ak rse yg ni je rite yg GAH rite! weewit! :D
this is the WAY to survive and not getting people annoyed at u
my way i guess? HAHA

Please Used its original spelling people!

HAHA ! is that sound stupid or what?
OMG.u'll blind reading those words in like 2 sec ok beb! duhh =.=

Dont try to sound CUTE !

"beb,u dah MAM?
"bezfwen foo eba"
OMG ! is that cute or what?

Dont fancy-up ur name !

are-mer ?
what exactly u guys trying to do here?? make ur name even more LONGER or sound nicer or mayb to tangle our tongue? lol XD

ADD then TALK !

i mean talk,talk!
not like
"thnks coz apprv,DO COMMENT MY PIC"
OMG ! cant u be any annoying?
and dont answer back in one word.
"how are u ? " answer : "fine"
duhh =.=

Dont upload same photo but with different posses.

what? duh! its like a TOTALLY DONT ok!
what were u thinking?
try to show people a different ANGLE of urs?
duhhhh =.=

Dont lie about ur sexual orientation

its say

Orientation : straight
but surprisingly ,u not !!
why dont u just hide that section ok! weeeee

ok thats it!
i think that could be it.
hey! if korang2 ade lagi cadangan yg best,
let me know ok !
I realy realy open for wealth of idea,oppinion
and comment as well!

ok tamat,



saraseyra ; said...

i totally agree with u on that jime !!
especially on the part bout the name and picture.

JimeMalek said...

hell yeahh sara!

Dianayusof. said...

Lagi annoying kalau ada org type mcm ni kan;
'HyEzZz AwAkKk, CeHaTtZzZ tArKkK?'
haha pening kepala oh baca :D

adilahalim ; said...

oh mai god. diana amek point aku ! hahaha. i mean, TOTALLY turn off jika lelaki itu tulis ayat yg pelat2. like, eiu ?!

*baru2 ni aku ter-maki rempit yg kacau2 num aku, oi oi tolong oi. mampus aku kne ragut agy skali. sob sob*

A A D said...

sentap! means u hate my 'nochet' word iz it? hmpff...~ ;p

JimeMalek said...

deana; HELL YEAH! gile geli lah !

lala ; habes kaw lala ! :P

aad; auh hun! i love ur NOCHET !
ish! thats totally diff lah, bcoz people cant tell what it is!! haha

acap said...

setuju sangat2 larh jime..
ag2 part yg upload the same photo with the different posses ! hak3
mmg klko killer aeh tahap gaban klow tgk..

*seb bek photo aku yg dulu2 da buang...haha

Abir Abhar said...

wah jime..
ada yg mcm me terasa la

Anonymous said...


people actually don't write about these kind of things. it makes u look like u're telling people that u're the most trendy person in the whole wide world of social networking. i mean, come on, u don't have to do this. especially if u're just like them before hahaha

JimeMalek said...

Anonymous ;
auh? is that what u think beb?
yeah,mayb iam one of them wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back then.
but i change,because i find out that it is annoying : )
ok thanks for ur oppinion
realy appreciate it : )

i think this is my blog rite?
so I think I'm free to talk about anything here.
am i rite?
or am I sound too TRENDY by thinking that way?

eFaN said...

i agree wif u 100% (=

.shakree. said...

sumpah aq macam nak maki abes2an..
lagi2 bab2 pjg2kan nama..
hahhahaha xDD