Friday, November 19, 2010

Part One , Been there DONE that :)

like OMG ! yeah , no more "PART ONE ANJENG " !! hahahahaa
alhamdulilah, i'm done with my finals :) and like hell yeah part one actually kinda fun ,when you are totally clueless about almost everything, awwwwww such an innocent creature we are ! HAHA
5 more to go honeyh ! 5 more ! wow 0.0 !

now SEM BREAK , boooringgggggggggggggg ! goshhh -.-
ok maybe this is the time for me to CHILLEXXXXX ! *combination of chill and relax :)
hahaha ! :D

coming soon ; Jime , Part Two MASSCOMM ! yeahh babeyh :D

ok done,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Activate !!!

my blog now officially been activated !!
yay :D

ok tamat,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Campus Mode

Weeewittt ! Almost a month in campus rite now ! :)
and WOW, I'm doing ok here . ! HAHA
I'm still adjusting tho, but yeah I think I might enjoying live in here. Weewiit ! :D
Campus life is fun I guess??
Since I'am one of the masscomites, so life will never get dull here! HAHA!
My senior, they were Ok and most of them are AWESOME! Cool rite? :D
they will teach us this so called subject call, CRT 101?? LHR?? haha.
kelakar lah korang nih ! seriously ! HAHA
and YEAH, my classmate they rock ! we already start to bond and evryting.
so yeah, I wish I'll doing ok lah :D

ok tamat,

Friday, June 25, 2010

New life BEGINS !

I'm emotionally packing my bags ok !! yeah 1st time kot nk tinggalkan rumah and live somewhere else ! I've never done this before. Hostel and stuff,its tottaly something new and I'm not exited about it just yet.Mayb someday I will ! HAHA
My bags are packed,and Iam not ready to go lah but I've to ! T.T
This is the deal,this is it the time for me to be on my own.
So, pray for my health and success ok ! I do hope that I'll do just fine in Lendu.
Gonna miss my life here in KL.
But this is something worth to be sacrifice for. :D
I'll be awayy from all this cyber-thingy ,mayb for a awhile.
yeah just take care ok peeps. :D
Bubbye then! :)

ok tamat,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I introduce to you, Mr.Oly

Thats Mr.Oly
Ok, finally I got my very own dslr ! wewiit. dream come true ok.
and yeah, blogspot ni akan sarat dgn photo2 from Mr.Oly and me !
weeeeeeeeeeee !
*muke exited.
ok tamat,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

HEY Rwksta !

Rwksta Buddies !
I Miss you guys OH SO BADLY ok !!

ok tamat,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mase dpn gemilang. HAHA

TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut
KOD :2130
ak nampak je tahniah, teros buat aksi lompat katak dpn pc !! Alhamdulilahh, ak dpt ape yg aku nak. YAY YAY !
Thanks for those yg bagi support gile2 babi punye , friends and family
and specially MR.Ashman Mahfudz which is byk gile bagi tips untk interview tuh,and on phone with me while I'm wating for my turn, thanks dear ! syg u lahh! weewiit !
*ok mengampu MR- soon-to-be-my-senior ! HAHA

I'm bloodyy exited rite now , pray for my success and I hope i'll doing well . Skang dah jadi warge UITM mcm dalf dgn fiza ! weyhh, lepas ni boleh laa pg karok lagu UITM dohh ! HAHAHAHAHA

ok tamat,



Sunday, April 18, 2010

OWH! fact ! hahaha

Fact 1 ; In this so called "World" there is no such thing like "iam not into sex, I'm looking for pure love " . Believe me,u'll die alone. Well what u expect rite?? Its not Straight relationship,it is something NOT-SO-STRAIGHT , so if you dont give up ur ass then just forget it ok? No sayang for u ! HAHA XD

Fact 2 ; From 110 KG to 90KG is not something imposible if u work hard for it. Eat less,excercise more and say hello to fitness first and hell no to KFC :D , then u'll do justttttttttt fine

Fact 3 ; suddenly, 1K per month seems not enough ! how come heh?? before this only RM50 per week while i'm schooling and I'm doing fine . AND now?? 1k? duhh =.= ! its look like
Mr-I-love-shopping now have to cut his expense and become Mr-Iam-not-buying-cloth-ANYMORE T.T ! OH TIDAKKK ! *haha
Well, its true what they say we never get enough ! :D weewiit

Fact 4 ; I miss school !! Well, its true ! i miss all my friends already. The joy we used to have, the so called crime that we commit ! HAHA. and , idk ! i just miss school ! the social life btw, not all the homework and examination shit ! HAHAH :D

Fact 5 ; Masscom interview not that easy if u were Mr-zero-general-Knowledge !!! duhhh =.=
so, make sure u guys reading newspaper,watching news not HBO , paris hilton not well recieved there ok, but if u talks current issue more likely politics then u'll nail it ! hehe
*I hope I doing ok there ! aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !

Fact 6 ; Sorry for my english ok ,many typo going on there , or what so ever english thingy goin on lahh,believe me I know ! HAHAHA , so I apologize ok :D
well, my english not good as yours rite? weeewiit ! XD

ok tamat,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Notice penting.

Kpd para cilake cilake sekalian yg buat ak saket hati dan membuatkan ak mnjdi si manusia mood swing.
Aku dgn rasminye mengharapkan korang2 menjadi si saket hati dgn berlipat lipat kali gande,serte menitiskan air mate cukop bagi memenuhi syarat Puteri Gunung ledang iaitu 7 tempayan banyaknye .Sehubungan dgn itu, aku berjanji akan mendahulukan perasaan ak sebelom perasaan org laen. Justeru, janganlah kite menjadi manusia yg cilake, menanam tebu dibibir, serte menjadi si cilake yg memberii harapan dongeng fantasi kpd umat manusia yg laen.Oleh itu, semoga si cilake hidop x berape nak lame : )

ok tamat,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Entry berbaur perkauman ! HAHAHA

Skang Malaysia kepoh pasal isu racist heh?
byk cite negative2 je.
meyh2 aku suntik element2 positive sket. HAHA

well, got to admit x semua org racist rite? but sifat mengutamekan kaum sendiri itu tetap ade dlm diri masing2 include me to be honest lah : )
setiap kaum mesti nak tgk kaum/bangsa mereke maju.
mendahulukan bangsa sendiri sebelom bangsa/kaum yg laen itu "racist" yg rasional, and fakta yg mungkin tepat walaupon seseorang itu menjerit "AKU BUKAN RACIST" kan? kan?
as a young generation ( so called ) I hope this situation will end before its become worst.
Please people put aside our ego. Our ancestors can live peacefuly under one nation, and why cant us rite?
and hey Its ok lahh to be friend with someone who eat pork. : )
and it is also ok to be friend with evryone
1 Malaysia meyh! : )

*Pendapat si budak 18 tahon mungkin kedengaran bodoh dan mentah
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D

ok tamat,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Support Mohd Saiful Bukhari.

*grin :D

Ok tamat,