Monday, December 21, 2009

Way to survive in Online Social Network.

hey U'OLSS ! *babi x intro aku

hey dah berzaman,berganti zaman ak xupdate blog.Dari zaman mude remaje,smpai lah zaman dewase *habes SPM.
well,I gonna to talk * I mean TYPING duhh =.= about , Online Social Network.
like, Facebook.
eyh! jap! Myspace should come first!
Myspace and Facebook.
ok i dont give a crap about the other ! ak rse yg ni je rite yg GAH rite! weewit! :D
this is the WAY to survive and not getting people annoyed at u
my way i guess? HAHA

Please Used its original spelling people!

HAHA ! is that sound stupid or what?
OMG.u'll blind reading those words in like 2 sec ok beb! duhh =.=

Dont try to sound CUTE !

"beb,u dah MAM?
"bezfwen foo eba"
OMG ! is that cute or what?

Dont fancy-up ur name !

are-mer ?
what exactly u guys trying to do here?? make ur name even more LONGER or sound nicer or mayb to tangle our tongue? lol XD

ADD then TALK !

i mean talk,talk!
not like
"thnks coz apprv,DO COMMENT MY PIC"
OMG ! cant u be any annoying?
and dont answer back in one word.
"how are u ? " answer : "fine"
duhh =.=

Dont upload same photo but with different posses.

what? duh! its like a TOTALLY DONT ok!
what were u thinking?
try to show people a different ANGLE of urs?
duhhhh =.=

Dont lie about ur sexual orientation

its say

Orientation : straight
but surprisingly ,u not !!
why dont u just hide that section ok! weeeee

ok thats it!
i think that could be it.
hey! if korang2 ade lagi cadangan yg best,
let me know ok !
I realy realy open for wealth of idea,oppinion
and comment as well!

ok tamat,