Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Good Friends Go Bad....

2009 ! the year of hectic drama !!
How on earth a good friends can turn into a monster??
eyh its not "a" its a BUNCHHH Iam talking about!
Plastic BITCH !!

yeah PLASTIC BITCH suit u guys owh-so-well ! HAHA

why is this happen? We are on our SENIOR YEAR.
we should be together,getting closer !
appreciate the time we had together
not like this ! arghhh!
is this how u want to remember ur senior year?
The final year as a school student.
after all this year we build the friendship
THen,its simply been torn because of JEALOUS ?
whats a big deal when she gorgeous more than u are?
are u F kiding me ???

why now there is such thing like "the ACCOUNT CLAN" and "the SCIENCE CLAN"
erghh ? why? why?
before this we happy as one !
Now? why there must be this SO CALLED clan?
I hope u happy with yours lahhh.
I know our science clan much COOLER than urs ! bwekkk!!! :P
*even people from ur clan come joining ours okk! so?? thats mean u guys are DULL and pathetic!

one last big question......
When ur good friends go bad,
Can you forgive and forget?
ok tamat,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kisah makan dalam.

si bodoh ; eyh jom kuar.
si "pandai" : xmo laa,malas.xde mood.lagi pon nk pegi raye.
si bodoh : huyeh ? huyeh? its okk..

hari berkeluar.

si bodoh : jom keluar.
si "pandai" : malas.
si bodoh : okk.

waktu dan ketike xtau aku !

si okey : dkt mane?
si "pandai" : dkt rumah.
si okey : Jom keluar.Ak kt KL ni,teringin jumpe kaw.
si "pandai" : Jom.

3minet later.

telefon berVibrate.

Si "pandai" : Jom jumpe.
Si Bodoh ; erkkkkk???? oklah jom.

ak tersengeh sorang2,pikirkan "kelakar lahh kaw ni si pandai."
cepat betol kaw jadi rajin.

kelakar kan?
yerlaa keluar dgn si okey kan bes
dgn ak kan xbes
ak kan dull.
*ak makan dalam je.
so xpyh risau,ak xmakan luar,and perasan makan memakan tuh xkn kaw nmpk.
sbb kaw sebok nk nmpk org laen.
: )

ok tamat,