Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Good Friends Go Bad....

2009 ! the year of hectic drama !!
How on earth a good friends can turn into a monster??
eyh its not "a" its a BUNCHHH Iam talking about!
Plastic BITCH !!

yeah PLASTIC BITCH suit u guys owh-so-well ! HAHA

why is this happen? We are on our SENIOR YEAR.
we should be together,getting closer !
appreciate the time we had together
not like this ! arghhh!
is this how u want to remember ur senior year?
The final year as a school student.
after all this year we build the friendship
THen,its simply been torn because of JEALOUS ?
whats a big deal when she gorgeous more than u are?
are u F kiding me ???

why now there is such thing like "the ACCOUNT CLAN" and "the SCIENCE CLAN"
erghh ? why? why?
before this we happy as one !
Now? why there must be this SO CALLED clan?
I hope u happy with yours lahhh.
I know our science clan much COOLER than urs ! bwekkk!!! :P
*even people from ur clan come joining ours okk! so?? thats mean u guys are DULL and pathetic!

one last big question......
When ur good friends go bad,
Can you forgive and forget?
ok tamat,


adilahalim ; said...

bad in what way ?
kalau membabitkan aku and jatuhkan dignity aku and BS2 mcm baru2 ni,
wtf man. tak tau bila aku boleh maafkan dia. nak lupa ape tah lagi.

roi kinney said...

bese lah tu bdk bdk skolah.
nnt dah kuar jd kngn.
yg tak kamceng tu jd ngam.

masing2 nk tnjuk hebat. tuh yg jd clan la ape la kan.

normal think bro XD
aku dulu wt puak aku sdiri.

saraseyra ; said...

HAHA. agree with u. we, the science clan are much cooler. HAHAHA ^-^

Hanan Izzati ;) said...

what went wrong?
i knwwww nothing about this and that clan!lol

so jime tak membe ngan puden sume tu dah ke?asal weh tatawu ape2 citeee sumpah! ahaa

JimeMalek said...

hanan ; puden tuh sume i kawan lah! kan i tulis bwh tu
"even people from ur clan join ours"
alaa nnti kt sekolah cerite ok?

Hanan Izzati ;) said...

oh okay n___n

pu-den said...

ak brase bgitu ganjil
skali d dlm klas itu..
science clan penyelamat SENIOR YEAR

Cik Dila said...

forgive bleh je but i dont think i can forget..

memori bukan senang2 je nak backspace..

lainla kalau ada amnesia ke ape..

CAK Photography said...

allop jimey, lh usha gmbr graduasi kt blog alredi. tp klo mau tgk byk kt facebook arh. thanks! gud luck SPM! oh yer, kasik roger kwn2 skali ok :-)