Friday, November 19, 2010

Part One , Been there DONE that :)

like OMG ! yeah , no more "PART ONE ANJENG " !! hahahahaa
alhamdulilah, i'm done with my finals :) and like hell yeah part one actually kinda fun ,when you are totally clueless about almost everything, awwwwww such an innocent creature we are ! HAHA
5 more to go honeyh ! 5 more ! wow 0.0 !

now SEM BREAK , boooringgggggggggggggg ! goshhh -.-
ok maybe this is the time for me to CHILLEXXXXX ! *combination of chill and relax :)
hahaha ! :D

coming soon ; Jime , Part Two MASSCOMM ! yeahh babeyh :D

ok done,


pilot roket ungu said...

nurhannis hisham likes this. :)

ejans said...

haha ok lg.. aku dlu mcm2 sumpah serana.. lagi2 time announcement kena turun kt kolej.. "part1 babi.. part1 sial turun lah.." haha.. but someday u'll missed smua tu wey.. =)