Sunday, April 18, 2010

OWH! fact ! hahaha

Fact 1 ; In this so called "World" there is no such thing like "iam not into sex, I'm looking for pure love " . Believe me,u'll die alone. Well what u expect rite?? Its not Straight relationship,it is something NOT-SO-STRAIGHT , so if you dont give up ur ass then just forget it ok? No sayang for u ! HAHA XD

Fact 2 ; From 110 KG to 90KG is not something imposible if u work hard for it. Eat less,excercise more and say hello to fitness first and hell no to KFC :D , then u'll do justttttttttt fine

Fact 3 ; suddenly, 1K per month seems not enough ! how come heh?? before this only RM50 per week while i'm schooling and I'm doing fine . AND now?? 1k? duhh =.= ! its look like
Mr-I-love-shopping now have to cut his expense and become Mr-Iam-not-buying-cloth-ANYMORE T.T ! OH TIDAKKK ! *haha
Well, its true what they say we never get enough ! :D weewiit

Fact 4 ; I miss school !! Well, its true ! i miss all my friends already. The joy we used to have, the so called crime that we commit ! HAHA. and , idk ! i just miss school ! the social life btw, not all the homework and examination shit ! HAHAH :D

Fact 5 ; Masscom interview not that easy if u were Mr-zero-general-Knowledge !!! duhhh =.=
so, make sure u guys reading newspaper,watching news not HBO , paris hilton not well recieved there ok, but if u talks current issue more likely politics then u'll nail it ! hehe
*I hope I doing ok there ! aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !

Fact 6 ; Sorry for my english ok ,many typo going on there , or what so ever english thingy goin on lahh,believe me I know ! HAHAHA , so I apologize ok :D
well, my english not good as yours rite? weeewiit ! XD

ok tamat,


Yasmin Syamimi said...

finally kaw update blog!
aku setuju part rindu sekolah itu


dalf i.t.u aku said...

suka fact yg ke 5..haha
soalan brani mati..sapekah menteri besar selangor..?wakakakka

haha weh smdoldol huk3..mane fact yg seterusnya..?rndu same kiah gayah bedah tipah..?


saraseyra ; said...

aku sokong fact 3 kaw sgt2. and fact 4 jugee ;)

1k a month mmg serious takk cukup hoii. time aku keje dlu and mase dpt gaji, rase cm tak cukup gyler. byk bnde nk wat. cewahh. padahal nk shopping ;P