Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bubbye 2008 and Hello 2009 ! : )

i'm still survive another year on earth ! haha! XD
good for me! yeaa ! haha
2008 !! what a year ! its kinda "ok" larhh for me
not great ! just "ok" ! yeah!
2008 mcm byk je perpisahan for me
like my friend pg asrama , not in the same class with my other bff
yeah yeah !
and drama drama kt skola xmo kalah !! haha!
with teachers ! student ! prefect ! and kerani2 ?? haha ! sume tuh arh
sume ade je drama ! but all that "colour up " my year larh
and my pre-senior year agak bes and loud !
byk bende yg ak xprnh bwat before but on 2008 ak bwat

like well i'm not proud to admit but
ak lari dari skolah XD,
masok skola pkl 8.30 sbb pg breakfast dulu dgn kwn2 ak ! well start ur day with breakfast people! haha! XD
and ak skip kelas sesuke ati ! yeaaah ! subj and ckgu yg "mengundang" harus dielakan! XD
ade je mnde kinda positif yg ak bwat kt skola tuh like ,
jdi grafik designer for our school mag walaupon si pengetuwe reject my cover sbb xder muke dier ! dush dush !
masok kwd KRS for hari koko which is i'm sunburn like crzy !! ngeng !
jdi prefect XD , owh darl i'm their public relation officer ok ! yeaa! yeaaa !
recite doa kt tapak perhimpunan for the whole week which is people say that ak membace bukan berdoa?ape2 je lah korang hahahha! XD
and byk lagi larh yg agak "baek" ak bwat ! hahah! XD
ak kenal ramai kawan baru !! yeah! good thing huh !
i'm tottaly expanding my network people ! hahahah ! XD
well 2008 , ur time is over but i'll never forget u !

yeaah ! ! u being nice to me bcoz i cry less this year ! haha! : )
bubbyee 2008 !

HELLO 2009 !!!
yea yea ! taon baru ! XD
ak xmo bwat azam ape ape pon ! sbb yg lame2 pon x tercapai agik
so ak setel kan azam lame tuh then ak bwat yg baru ok?
yeah! ak just harap 2009 will be such a blast!! yeaah!
i hope i'll be such a better person
love and be love by people who is around me
and and pass with flying colours in my SPM!
aminnnnn~ : )


Mie said...

happy new year..
i've link your blog..

apabila jari ayuku menari lentik said...

2009 ROCK!

Diana said...

happy new yearr jime[:
hope both of us will pass our test with flying colours!
see you tmrw(:


Mohd Hazaruddin said...

hello jimie ...

selamat tahun baru k!

take care!

fakhrul said...

I d0nt want to say tis but spm year will be the terrified year but the year after dat w0uld be awes0me!
Visited blog:)
read my blog keyh!

Anonymous said...

amin. hopefully tercapai ok. welcome to spm jime and good luck ok. heee. love you beb! ;D

hady said...

wishing you happy new year

salam tahun baru
semoga apa apa yang dipinta menjadi kenyataan

best of luck for your spm
xboleh FLY lagi, xboleh PONTENG lagi, xboleh KUTUK2 cikgu lagi, xboleh REBEL lagi, :p

kata nak jadi graphic designer.. :)

Helmi Razali said...

oh, happy new year and happy exam-ing. ha ha. good luck!