Friday, December 5, 2008

Friend with money : )

did any of u got "friends with money" ??
alarhhh the one who born with silver spoon in their mouth?
yeah! i bet u hve! : )
i do hve a few ! : ) i like been friends with them !! : )
when we hang out and u were insist to eat in fancy rstrnt !!
once a while its fine by me
but each time?????
my family does "sign" the moneyy !! ahahah!
food court? owh well,its not ur "league" !!
but is minee! daaaaa !!! dush2~ XD
but ! why i'am questioning this?
who cares! i'm not the one who pay the bills
but u did! hahaha! XD
i'm the one who eat !! and refill the ice lemon tea like hell yeah a thousand time ! hahaha
and2 when u start talkin about "brand" !!
i'll start making those " whatever" face! ahaha! XD
owh biatch me! haha
we do hve same intrst and yeahhh taste in fshion
u the one who talk and wear "high fashion"
and i'm the one who listen watch PLUSS envy!
but whatever it is
i cant blame u my dear ! : )
u were born like that
ur parents make u wear OSH KOSH since u were a baby rite?
but hey hey! i still love u larh beb! : )
no matter what
u still buy me what ppl might say "what a present" for my bday! haha!
which is good! its make me feel that u appriciate me : )
when we hang out
u the one who always "treat" me ! : )
movie ticket? well its on u ! yeah!
dinner?lunch? on u ! on u ! hahahaha
sumtime i dont hve 2 take out my wallet at all larhhh !
that make me love u even more largh !
but beb ;
i'm friend with U
not ur money
i want u 2 kno that ! : )
and2 i hve so much fun with u larh beb!


isk. iez said...

what a good friend looks like,
a red rose in the dessert


pricous gift of all

reez said...

nak gak satu kawan mcm ni

Anonymous said...

babe, osh kosh tu ape ?

alia kama said...

ahah.osh kosh tu brand comel utk kanak2 comel my dear.

&&.nakkk jugak satu kwn camniiii!!

JimeMalek said...

yoy ; yeah beb! i2 brand untk si kanak2 hot stuff ! hahahah

alia; whoa ! thnks bg penerangan pade si pembace2 ! hahah! XD

alia kama said... stuff dan kaya masa kecik2 tak peduli pon.sekarang baru peduli dan menyesal tak merengek untuk oshkosh.dammit.

Mohd Hazaruddin Muhammad said...

love readin this post!