Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In and out

Where to start, I dont know. -___- . oh yeah like this, there is one particular creature has been in and out from my life for a thousand of times. Delete me on bbm , unfollow me on twitter then add me back and all . Dan aku macam, Ya tuhanku, apa masalah kau? and you deleting me again? again? and I start to wonder what did I do to you and try to fix everything, but itu dulu, now I dont even give a dang , if you really want to get out from my life, do it for real this time, don't crawling back to me or anything because I had enough with you , I'm tired and giving up . I'm so moving on with my life and you should do the same. If one day, we bump into each other, I'll say Hai , shake hands and do what I do best which is smile because there is no point for me to act like a child, I'm 19 and it will shows that maturity is not on the age, its on the brain
, so yeah :)

ok tamat,


Anonymous said...

'Maturity is not on the age, its on the brain.' I like that. Go Jime! Keep moving forward! :)

JimeMalek said...

eh i took it from you lah Haziq :D , i should quote it . sorry