Monday, May 11, 2009

Peperiksaan si mid term .

Mid Term babeyh ! Mid term.!!!
27 paper ! 27 paper babeyh !!
adoi !!!
do pray for me ok !
i'll work my ass out for this exam..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Toilet Si Pavi ; must read ok !

Thing must do when u at Pavilion .
Go to the toilet meyh!
Its has the World Famous Mirror ! HAHA
Believe me ! its a must to take a reflection photo people !! HAHA >.<
ok ok !
its not the mirror i want to talk about ,

ok ok ! the story start like this,
i went into the toilet and saw this guy pee at the urinal
and i was like ok thats normal,
then i went into the toilet cubicle and do my thing ! HAHAA
when i came out , he still there .
i think mayb he drink alot !!
so i just wash my hand and look at the mirror
then I become curious what the heck he do by moving his hand like that
WALLAAAHHH !!! I swear to god i saw that guy WANKING !!!!!!
and bloody yeah I did saw the DICK !!!
goshhh !!! I think i went blind like 10 sec!!
and and yeaah he is a MALAY !!
then, suddenly he walk towards the sink and wash his leftover SPERM on his hand.
and I did watch because its like WHAAATTT????
GOSHH! u ewwwww me lahhhh!
go into Cubicle lahh BODOHH !!
public wanking? realyy??? daaa!!!