Friday, July 16, 2010

Campus Mode

Weeewittt ! Almost a month in campus rite now ! :)
and WOW, I'm doing ok here . ! HAHA
I'm still adjusting tho, but yeah I think I might enjoying live in here. Weewiit ! :D
Campus life is fun I guess??
Since I'am one of the masscomites, so life will never get dull here! HAHA!
My senior, they were Ok and most of them are AWESOME! Cool rite? :D
they will teach us this so called subject call, CRT 101?? LHR?? haha.
kelakar lah korang nih ! seriously ! HAHA
and YEAH, my classmate they rock ! we already start to bond and evryting.
so yeah, I wish I'll doing ok lah :D

ok tamat,