Friday, June 25, 2010

New life BEGINS !

I'm emotionally packing my bags ok !! yeah 1st time kot nk tinggalkan rumah and live somewhere else ! I've never done this before. Hostel and stuff,its tottaly something new and I'm not exited about it just yet.Mayb someday I will ! HAHA
My bags are packed,and Iam not ready to go lah but I've to ! T.T
This is the deal,this is it the time for me to be on my own.
So, pray for my health and success ok ! I do hope that I'll do just fine in Lendu.
Gonna miss my life here in KL.
But this is something worth to be sacrifice for. :D
I'll be awayy from all this cyber-thingy ,mayb for a awhile.
yeah just take care ok peeps. :D
Bubbye then! :)

ok tamat,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I introduce to you, Mr.Oly

Thats Mr.Oly
Ok, finally I got my very own dslr ! wewiit. dream come true ok.
and yeah, blogspot ni akan sarat dgn photo2 from Mr.Oly and me !
weeeeeeeeeeee !
*muke exited.
ok tamat,