Saturday, November 26, 2011

Abd Malek Abd Majid

Dear babah,
You've been such a great dad to me, allowing me to do whatever I want, choose my own path and you gave me freedom in everything I do. Since my childhood, all I ever wanted is for you to see me on stage taking my diploma,degree and my every achievement . I know you'll be proud of me . How i'm going to miss your cooking, mom teach you to cook well and yeah you are a great cooker. You're definitely at a better place now. I'll try to be a good son from now on, taking care of mom and others as well.

Al-fatihah to my arwah babah.
For sure I'll miss you. We'll miss you. <3

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Its been ages i didn't update my blog, so yeah. Here are 3 pictures for this post for the sake of updating my blog, HAHA :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011


"He is nobody but act like somebody" said Mr. "somebody"

Begitu lantang mulut kau berbicara. Berbicara tentang orang lain . Berbicara tentang aku. Kau menabur cerita dekat junior junior dan rakan rakan seperjuangan kita dengan harapan mereka terpengaruh, yes si bodoh memang percaya tapi bukan si pandai ,celik akal . Ketara sangat itu adalah "jealousy talk" oleh engkau kerana kau terletak di lapisan paling bawah dalam social hierarchy ,simpati keatas engkau. Aku tak pernah nak menyebut nama engkau dalam perbualan aku tapi engkau? tak habis habis menyebut nama aku dan kawan kawan aku lebih banyak dari engkau menyebut nama sendiri itu dah menjadi bukti yang kami bukan "act" like somebody because of people like you keep on talking about us and make us noticeable, hell yeah by that WE ARE SOMEBODY !! By the way congrats, kau dah jadi somebody now, itu pon kalau orang perasan kau dalam organisasi itu , *wink

Dan tak perlu lah tweet " Geng geng bajet "high class" dah berkumpul " . Engkau dari mana? kami dari mana? Cara pembawakkan diri kita memang berbeza . Apa yang high class-nya kawan? apa? . Engkau nak salahkan pemakaian kami ? gaya percakapan? bagi engkau, bercakap dalam bahasa inggeris itu, bajet high class. engkau nak salahkan tu semua? ada kami pertikaikan engkau dan rakan rakan kau? tak ada bukan. Jelas, mentaliti kita berbeza. Orang seperti engkau ketara sempit pemikiran penuh dengan dengki dan tak pernah puas hati . Simpati, sangat simpati .

ok tamat,

Monday, August 1, 2011


It's funny how the person You'll take a bullet for is the one behind the trigger

Friday, July 29, 2011

January till July

Photos taken from January until July'11 . :D

ok tamat,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In and out

Where to start, I dont know. -___- . oh yeah like this, there is one particular creature has been in and out from my life for a thousand of times. Delete me on bbm , unfollow me on twitter then add me back and all . Dan aku macam, Ya tuhanku, apa masalah kau? and you deleting me again? again? and I start to wonder what did I do to you and try to fix everything, but itu dulu, now I dont even give a dang , if you really want to get out from my life, do it for real this time, don't crawling back to me or anything because I had enough with you , I'm tired and giving up . I'm so moving on with my life and you should do the same. If one day, we bump into each other, I'll say Hai , shake hands and do what I do best which is smile because there is no point for me to act like a child, I'm 19 and it will shows that maturity is not on the age, its on the brain
, so yeah :)

ok tamat,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kaca mata

Dan aku macam YA TUHANKU ! spec patah for the second time tau ! second time ! si ibu bapa sangat drama apabila aku menyampaikan pengkabaran tentang kepatahan spec. overnya dorang -__- . for now, pakai contact lens lagi lah YA TUHANKU seksanya. First time takes about 30Minutes to wear it plus aku yang terjerit jerit dan terkebil kebil mata nak pakai. -______- time buka pon sama je . But getting better lah, the next day pakai sudah pantas . WOOTWOOT ! and yeah tak perlu lah kalian kalian tanya kemana spec aku pergi , malas nak cerita benda yang sama dan mengenang benda yang sudah tiada . ianya patah okay, patah , patah , patah . Tuhan lebih menyayangi beliau ,ok aku mengarut macam what the hell -__- . so yeah ,dan post ini jugak la banyak aku sebut YA TUHANKU, well sudah menjadi lumrah manusia,susah baru cari tuhan. By the way now aku rasa lebih cool tanpa spec. so sila mengurat, kbye :)

ok tamat,